Saturday, January 23, 2010

I feel Better

Today I got a chance to read my friend Dale Short's column that appeared last Tuesday's paper. 
I was astounded by what he wrote. Apparently TV preacher Pat Robertson said on the air that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by the country's history of practicing voodoo. 
Apparently back in the late 1700's, some of the inhabitants did voodoo ceremonies to help the country gain independence. Robertson said that the recent devastating earthquake was God's retribution for that infraction over two hundred years ago. 
Dale called the Christian Broadcasting Network to complain. He didn't get a lot of traction with the phone folks, but he said he felt better after the call.
The next day Robertson put out a news release saying he didn't really say that.
Here'e the thing. I think most preachers are really great folks who take God's work seriously. Personally I believe that it's more noble and Godly to spend time in hospital rooms and in nursing homes visiting the sick and the shut-ins, than to stand up on television trying to convince people to send them money. 
I'm sure there are many who would disagree, but I think anyone who would stand up before a TV audience and claim that an earthquake in 2010 was the result of voodoo activity back in 1790, is a complete moron.
So there, I've said it. I know it doesn't change anything, but like my friend Dale, I feel better.

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