Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Into Spring

I can tell the days are getting longer. I didn't get out of the office until almost 6 p.m. and it still wasn't totally dark. I dialed up Winter into Spring on my iPhone and listened George Winston.
I"m not sure what it is about that music but I can be wound as tight as a banjo string and a few chords on that piano makes me feel taller.
Before long, we'll see the buttercups blooming in the morning sunshine and hear the bluebirds checking out their new quarters. It's fun watching them decide. First the daddy bluebird will go inside and inspect, then he comes out and she goes in.
Once they're both outside, they fly up to a limb nearyby and discuss the property. "It's a bit smaller than our nest last spring, she'll point out."
"Yes, but the morning sun comes through the portal perfectly. I think we should make an offer," he says.
"OK, if you like it, I like it," she says as they fly off.

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