Sunday, December 05, 2010


Jilda and I joined our friends Steve Norris, George Scherer, Dan Farmer and Mark (didn't get his last name) to play a benefit show tonight in Birmingham. Two children (a brother and sister) under the age of six have a rare genetic disease and require a bone marrow transplant. The benefit was to raise money for the family.
I'm guessing there were a hundred and fifty people there listening to music and bidding on items donated for a silent auction.
Just before we went on stage, the four year-old girl came over to us and reached for Jilda to hold her. We'd never seen the child before but apparently she was drawn to Jilda. That happens a lot with Jilda. Small children, dogs, deer, birds and other small critters follower her around like she was the pied piper.
But she loves most all critters. She once stopped traffic on a very busy county road to rescue a huge turtle that got freaked by passing cars and holed up in his shell right in the middle of the road.
A few drivers wheeled around her vehicle, horns blaring, but then a coal truck driver saw what she was doing and stopped his truck in the middle of the road and brought traffic to a screeching halt in both directions until the turtle was safe.
The truck driver looked like an NFL linebacker so the other drivers kept their honks to themselves.
We enjoyed playing tonight and doing a small part to help the family out. It made me sad to think about all the invasive procedures these children will undergo in coming weeks, but seeing the little cotton haired girl sitting there in Jilda's lap smiling broadly, put a smile on my face too.
I hope you'll consider keeping these children and their family in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Most certainly will. Bless them. I feel so blessed to have healthy children and grandchildren.

  2. What a great cause. Jilda sounds like my Bruce. Big heart when it comes to animals and kids.

  3. I have stopped traffic for a turtle, too. and squirrels and geese.


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