Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mother Ginger

I'm not sure if we have bad breath or other hygienic issues of which we are unaware, but we got only one  Christmas party invitation this year. In years past, our dance cards were punched for the first three weeks of the month.
We did get invited to a party in Tuscaloosa by one of our dear friends. He'd also invited several people from the local Alabama Public Radio station.  It would have been a great opportunity to do some networking as one of my goals is to do stories for NPR in the future.
But as it turns out, our great nieces and nephew had roles in The Nutcracker and it was scheduled for tonight.
We still might have considered skipping the play and going to the party, but my nephew (the father of the great-nieces/nephew in the play) played the role of Mother Ginger, and that was something we couldn't pass up.
Now imagine if you will, a Colts offensive lineman dressed in drag. Well if our nephew James hadn't had bad knees, he could have easily played first-string O-line for the Colts.
If you've ever seen The Nutcracker, Mother Ginger is supposed to come out with all the polichinelles under her skirt and then the kids are supposed to pop out and surprise the audience. These young actors weren't having any part of that. They followed Mother Ginger out keeping a respectable distance, lest they be stepped on by the giant dude with makeup.
I know I'm prejudiced, but this was the best performance of the  I've ever seen. The entire show was delightful.
I'm very proud of all "the kids". It was a good decision to go to the play.
Note - Jilda also has funny story about our nieces and nephews. Go to Transformation Information 


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the performance.

  2. Fun story. Do you think it's because people have cut back so much that no one was having parties this year?

  3. Funny story! Glad you had a great time. I would not be too concerned about the lack of party invites - as one of your other readers commented, it likely has everthing to do with the economy.


  4. Hey, I was only invited to one party this year; it was my mom's. And I can't go.

  5. One invitation only and you are complaining?

    You wouldn't want to live in my valley where one Christmas follows closely on the heels of the next.

    Help! How do I get bad breath. My dog has it but that doesn't help.

    (I'm one of Ellen's followers)

  6. that should have been Christmas 'party', of course.

  7. Family comes first... those are memories none of you will forget.
    I’m not the partying type, one with me family is plenty.

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