Friday, December 03, 2010

Lost Follower

I lost a follower tonight. I'm not sure why. Maybe someone took issue with my point of view, or perhaps they didn't like my looks, or maybe they were abducted by aliens. It's a mystery. Maybe they moved on to greener fields.
I know this: I've spent some time reading a lot of blogs lately and there are some incredibly talented people out there. I've read jaw-dropping poetry, seen photographs that looked like they belong in one of those expensive coffee table art books. I've read encouraging stories, funny stories, and pieces that brought tears to my eyes. 
To me, the most powerful thing about the information age is that it's given voice to those who've never had a voice. Some write for the sake of writing. Some write for the money, and some write as if they are the last living being on the planet, calling out into the ether trying to connect with anyone who will listen.
We live in interesting times. I hope my lost follower finds words out here that help them on their way.


  1. I have also lost some followers, but you know what I say?! Their freaking loss! Keep doing what you are doing :D

  2. It could be anything. Maybe they got too busy to read blogs any more. I had one person I was following leave google and move to a different site and closed her blog here.

  3. I switch around those I read from time to time. And, if they leave blogger I don't follow anymore because it doesn't show up in my feed. Usually I stop following someone who doesn't post frequently though, not someone like you who posts daily. I agree with BeMistified, though, it is their loss.

  4. Hard to say why you lost a follower. It may have nothing to do with you at all, but rather personal circumstances. Your blog is terrific, by the way,


  5. Yeah, it's a two steps forward, one step back sort of thing. I think usually it's because people stop visiting the blog world, move on the other pursuits, rather than it being a reaction to any one post or a change of mind.

  6. I've lost followers before and it just rips me to pieces to see it. Eventually I recover. SMILE

  7. Charlene, you're soooo bad :)

  8. There is always someone somewhere who gets their dander up at one time or another. I lost one once after I gave the person an award. You know these awards that are floating around there? Give it to 3others etc. etc. So I gave them an award and they got ticked off and unfollowed them. Oh well!

  9. Sometimes followers delete their profiles and it is of no reflection on the blogger. Other times they just clean up their dashboard and is understandable as we all do it-clean our email or desks or whatever. The cool thing about blogging in my humble opinion is that it is never personal though we sure feel it that way-myself included. Just wanted to tell you perhaps this was the reason.


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