Sunday, December 26, 2010


The view off our back door this morning looked like a snow-globe that had just been shaken.
I really thought the snow had moved off to the east overnight, and it looks like the worst of it did, but we woke up this morning with a fresh blanket.
After coffee, Jilda and I layered up in warm clothes and walked the dogs.
Our big dogs love cold weather. They're getting old now and they are lethargic from May till September, but cool mornings seem to revive them.
Everybody who visits, makes fun of our dogs. They are all "well fed". Our oldest dog, Bear, weighs right at a hundred pounds and our old pit bull mix weighs just slightly less than a Honda Civic.
Our home security alarm had issues recently and when I called the company to report the problem, I talked to a black lady that could do voice-overs for the comedian, Wanda Sykes.
I told her our dogs kept tripping our alarm. "How big are the dogs," she asked. When I told her we had two that were about a hundred pounds and one that weighted right at ninety.
She said....I kid you not...."You got three dogs in your house bigger than me? No damn wonder your alarm's trippin'".
I had to laugh when she said that, which got her tickled too. I could hear her cover her mouthpiece and share our conversation with a co-worker.
After a few more minutes, she gave me some tips on how to configure our security system to keep the dogs from accidentally bringing carloads of armed policemen to our quite neighborhood.
Now where was I? Oh yes, we had a delightful walk with the critters today and they were in heaven for a while.
But as often happens here in Alabama, the sun came out this evening and melted all the snow except for shady places.
The weatherman says it will be almost warm enough to swim by week's end. Oh well, at least we had snow on Christmas, and Boxing Day.
For all of you heading home tomorrow, travel safe.


  1. What a lovely chrismassy view from your back door! I do love snow at christmas - bar all the travel hassle and danger! But snow viewed from somewhere inside all nice and warm is lovely!

    Awww your doggies sound adorable! I'm glad they enjoy the cold! And yay that you made someone laugh!!

    Take care

  2. Yeah the snow was lovely but had enough to have to shovel. I have 2 German Shepherds about that size :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I still don't get the allure of snow and why it has to snow on christmas for things to be right with the world. I much prefer warm christmas days.

  4. Wow! You got snow down there too. Pretty Cool!

    And as for the dogs and the conversation with the customer service lady at the Alarm Company - hilarious!

  5. It's snowing right now--there seems that a lot of the white stuff has been coming down recently!

    That's one funny conversation. :D

  6. That's funny!!! We got over 8 inches and it's still here....

    I'd love to get some harnesses for my cats and let them go out and experience the snow...

  7. Snow at Christmas is good!! Your dogs sound awesome :)


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