Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It rained until after dark last night, then the wind out of the north drove the temps down into the low 30's. When I went out this morning to feed the critters, I should have worn ice skates because the deck was a rink.
The dogs put on a show when they charged out the doggy door to help me feed. Two of them looked as if they were in a Three Stooges routine.
When the sun came up, it made it safe to walk about, but the wind still made it chilly enough for a fleece vest.
Today was my mom's birthday and so I went out to the nursing home to visit early. By the time I arrived, the staff had already brought in balloons and sang happy birthday to her. She was eighty six today.
All of her brothers and sisters have passed on. She was the middle child out of thirteen. She had a brother to die before I was born. She had another brother killed at Pearl Harbor in 1941. The others passed on through the years due to various reasons.
She seemed to be in good spirits, and she says she still can't believe she's eighty six. Since the battery replacement in her pacemaker, she looks stronger than she's looked in a long time.
I have a milestone birthday coming up next month - I'll be sixty. Some people fret about getting older, but so far, I feel good about where I am. Age, to me, is not necessarily chronological. I've known thirty year old people that seemed older than dirt, and ninety year old people who seemed as vital as a youngster.
So let's raise our glasses to aging gracefully.


  1. I turned sixty this year. It feels like a huge milestone! I made it all the way to sixty! That seemed so very old when I was young.

  2. your mom can't believe she's 86 and I can't believe how old I am which is younger than 50.

  3. You know when you're 64 they will be singing songs all about you!

    I'll be 60 in April. Lenny is 62. Reggie had his 67th birthday yesterday and we celebrated with a meal at a Middle Eastern restaurant where we met the waitress Veronica who is from Russia. A table of 6 men were next to us discussing how there are various types of Presbyteries, loudly!

    We got rain from Monday night through about 9 p.m. last night. It was 60 Tuesday and today no higher than 39. We had snow flurries earlier this morning at about daybreak.

  4. I also turned 60 this year. Can't escape it, might as well embrace it.

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Happy 86th Birthday to you mom! God bless her :-)


  6. Happy birthday Mrs W. you've done well.
    And I'm well and all is well Down Under, thank you for asking.
    Ms Soup

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!! Age is just a number and some numbers are wayyyy bigger than others - but who's counting? :D

  8. My mom will be 86 in January. She still lives alone, cooks, bakes, drives and is quite the conversationalist. She will talk sports, politics, religion, you name it. Of course her views are always right and she'll argue till she's blue in the face. I do admire her feisty self. I just turned 50 a couple weeks ago, and she sent me cards which announced to the entire US Postal Service that I was 50 years old all over the envelopes. I'm the youngest of 5 so she has every right to celebrate her baby being 50. Glad your Mom is doing well with a pacemaker.


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