Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Knock Knock

Over the Christmas holidays I had an opportunity to howdy up with my great niece Zoe. She's in the first grade this year and she LOVES jokes.
Zoe: Knock Knock
Rick: Who's there?
Zoe: Boo
Rick: Boo Who?
Zoe: Sorry I made you cry!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Rick: Zoe, do you know how to call a deaf rabbit?
Zoe: No.
Rick: HEY RABBIT (screamed at the top of my lungs). Zoe spewed sweet potato pie on her new Christmas dress.

Zoe: Do you know the difference between snot and a bowling ball?
Rick: No 
Zoe: You can't eat a bowling ball!  Ha ha ha ha ha.

I decided to end the joke telling before Zoe's mom started yelling at both of us.

I do love jokes. When I was in the military, we had an instructor that loved dirty jokes. He couldn't tell them worth a flip, but he loved hearing them. 
One day after lunch, he challenged me and another guy in the class to tell as many jokes as we knew. As long as we told jokes without pause, we wouldn't have class. 
The two of us fed off each other and told jokes the rest of the afternoon.

If you have a clean g-rated joke suitable to tell a six year old, feel free to comment.
Also, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?


  1. Knock-knock.
    Who's there?
    Apple who?
    Who's there?
    Apple who?
    Who's there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you glad I didn't say apple?

    I have a second grader. Thankfully the knock-knock jokes have a half-life of one school year. :)

  2. We love jokes in our house!
    One of my faves:
    Why don't lobsters share?
    Because they are shellfish!

  3. I have a six year old grandson who lives five minutes away. He has started Kindergarten and loves my jokes-no matter how bad. And I love to hear his jokes with a delivery that is often so strange that I cannot help but laugh—we have a great time together.

    How can you tell if there is an elephant hiding in your dessert?
    You have a huge lump in your ice cream!

  4. I love good jokes, but can never seem to remember any of them!


  5. Knock knock!
    Who’s there?
    A titch.
    A titch who?
    Bless you!


    Take care

  6. I love jokes but never can remember the punch line when I go to retell them :)

    I'm eating in the new year :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Very cute. My granddaughter who is 9 loves jokes.

    How do you make a tissue dance?
    Put a little boogie in it!

    Very fun to know kids have a great sense of humor.

  8. I love it when kids begin getting humor!

    I'll probably be sitting around with my husband, watching a movie or something.....

  9. Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Oswald who?
    Oswald ma gum!

  10. ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊   ★ ┊  ★ ┊    
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊ ┊     ★┊  
      ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ★ ┊ ★ ┊
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊ ☆ ☆ 
    ☆┊   ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊ ☆   
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊★┊ ★
    ☆┊ ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ☆

    wishing you a fabulous 2011 !!!

    Lila ........

  11. If i don't tell them vocally they are lost in a haze.

    Knock knoock
    Who's there?
    Yo Ol Lady
    Yo Ol Lady Who?
    I didn't know you could yoddle.

  12. Wow! That was fun. I'll have new material for this weekend when I see Zoe again.
    Thanks y'all.

  13. What's silent and smells like worms?
    Bird farts!
    -- My kids fave!


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