Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perfect Day for Getting a Tree Day

 Jilda and I didn't make it to get the tree yesterday as originally planned, but we made a pact that we'd get it this morning. That was before we realized we'd have a late afternoon deluge with overnight temps plunging into the low thirties.  
That meant there was a chance we'd have to strap on our ice skates to get our tree today. As it turns out, the rain stopped sometime in the night and a raging wind out of the north dried the roads up nicely. 
This morning, as the coffee brewed I looked out the garden door toward the barn and snow was falling horizontally. I stepped outside for an old fashion weather report, and noticed right off that the wind chill was already down into the twenties.
We bundled up as tight as sausage links and headed off to the tree farm. We arrived just after they opened and there was not one customer in the parking lot. The tree-digger-upper-guys were in their heated shed, and did not look too happy to see us.
Jilda and I ambled off into the howling snow-flecked wind as if we were strolling down the Vieux Carre in July.
We found the perfect tree (actually not the one in this picture) and the young guys dug that baby up and had it in the back of the truck in record time. 
As we walked to the gift shop to pay for the tree, the smell of hot apple cider hung in the air and the guys poured us a cup before we left.
It's funny how things work out. We'd planned to get the tree yesterday, but even with the weather brutally cold for Alabama, today seemed to be a perfect day for getting a Christmas tree. 


  1. Sometimes those days we don't really plan are the most fun. We're having the same cold weather here in Georgia. Oh how I wish for July weather. :)

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Miserably cold in Myrtle Beach too. But I must say reading your post brought back some fantastic memories of me and my Dad and Mom going out for the pertual search for the perfect tree in NJ when I was growing up. It was all fun and bundling up and lots of hot chocolate. That's when Christmas was the most enjoyable for me.

  3. Yay!! You got your tree!! And it looks lovely!!! Oh to smell apple cider in the air and to have some of it too!! Yep - sounds like a perfect lovely day to get your tree!!! Take care

  4. I am so glad you found you a tree. :) I am not a fan of the cold weather, but here in Colorado the snow has been stuck up in the mountains. We will be low 60's today. Though I do not like the cold, the smells that come out this time of year are fantabulous!

  5. Thanks for sharing with me your song lyrics. I liked them so much that I added them to Mr. Duke the quotes book. :)

    Ahh, I have yet to set up my Christmas tree! We have one of those artificial ones, which has lasted for over ten years. :D The weather is pretty chilly here too...around 19 degrees or so. D:


  6. Gonna be close to 80 here today. We had our winter a while ago with that ferocious hail storm, so we're happy to see the warm temperatures.

  7. We had a little rain and now the wind has been wild. There are white caps on the lake. Glad you found a nice tree.


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