Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Change In The Weather

I went out before seven this morning to feed our chickens and their watering jars were as solid as lead crystal. I almost had to put them in the microwave to thaw them out enough to refill them. The chickens seemed to be picking up one foot, and then the other as they looked at me. And if they could have talked, I think they would have said, "dang, it's cold out here."
I headed out a short time later for a routine checkup with the doctor. As I drove, low hanging clouds as grey as wood smoke, looked like they were close enough to reach up and touch. 
When I walked to the truck after the visit, spits of snow/ice clicked on the windshield.
I wrote most of the day, but this evening I quit long enough to run a few errands before nightfall.
The clouds began to move out after sunset. As I drove I looked off to the west and saw a distant water tower that looked like a purple mushroom silhouetted  against the horizon.  The evening sky turned a thousand shades of brown, orange, amber, blue, and red.
Alabama might be last in every category measured, but we must be close to the top when it comes to the different kinds of weather we have. I've seen it snow in the morning and almost be warm enough to swim by the end of the day. We've had hurricanes, earthquakes, freezes, snow, ice, tornadoes and weather so hot you can cook breakfast on the hood of your truck.
I'm not wild about earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes, but for the most part, I do like a change in the weather every now and then.


  1. Kentucky has lots of different weather too. So far no hurricanes but we do get tornados. I just want it to be warm, now.

  2. So Alabama is an equal opportunity weather provider?
    Beautiful sky.
    I let the dogs out this morning in my summer weight bathrobe, ventured just far enough to see the thermometer across the grass-- 16.

  3. Having grown up in the northeast, I've had enough snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and blizzards to make me cold just thinking about it. It's the reason we moved down to South Carolina. To get away from it. So when I woke up to 19 degrees the last two mornings I want to scream. The only good thing is that it'll be 60 this weekend!

  4. I've never experienced extreme weather --unless you count a Chicago winter! Not fun! No, those negative wind chill days are not fun at all.

  5. Charlene, I live in a split household,
    I love hot weather, and Jilda likes it cold.
    Janet - next time you better put your long-handles on :)
    Barb - I was in New Jersey for a while in 1971 and I hitch hiked all around the northeast. Beautiful part of the country, but it does get cold.
    Samantha - My wife lived in Chicago when she was a child. We went up there a few years ago and learned first hand why they call Chicago the windy city. Yikes!!!!!

  6. Loved your beautiful post! I lived in the South for about 13 years (Ga. 3 yrs nad NC 10). I loved the weather! I never wore an overcoat the whole time I lived there. Both places had some killer ice storms:).

  7. It was 14 this morning when I went out to play basketball (in a gym). After a warm fall, it's finally gotten cold!

  8. I've lived in four states and in every one of them, people had the same saying: "If you don't like the weather here, wait 15 minutes, and it will change." None of the people in these places seemed to have the least idea that anyone else who lived anywhere had ever heard this saying, must less believed it to be true about their own locale. I will admit, however, that it's a lot more true some places than others, although most of these places are at high elevations.


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