Sunday, November 06, 2011


I'm excited about tomorrow. I expect it to be a fun filled day. I'm calling the endodontist at 7:30 to find out when I can go in to have something done about a tooth.
I woke up one night last week and one of my jaw teeth hurt. I'd had a checkup a few months ago and had no problems, but the side of my face told me something was amiss. When I woke up the next morning, it was fine.
Two nights later, the same thing happened. When I saw the dentist that afternoon, she tapped on my teeth with a ball-ping hammer, but none of the hurt that much. She took X-rays and when they came out, she had one more look.
With an instrument that looks like a tiny scythe, she poked at a tooth hidden under one of my many bridges.
She said there was definitely a problem with that tooth. It was a little tender but nothing that made me want to carve my initials into her forehead with a dull pocket knife.
She told me to go to a endodontist and let them do their thing on the bad tooth and they she'd repair/replace the bridge.
I got the first available appointment was Tuesday, but they said I could call tomorrow morning if I had an emergency and they'd see me tomorrow. I didn't think that would be necessary until Friday evening when the pain set in. I'm talking about good quality pain. A masochist would be in heaven.
I've been taking antibiotics, snorting Advil, and taking pain meds all weekend. Believe me when I say, I'm excited about tomorrow -- I can't wait to get rid of this toothache.

Thanks for your support everyone -- Also to vote for Phil Campbell 
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  1. Oh no, toothache is right up there with earache as the most miserable kind of sleep depriving pain :-(

    On the bright side, I think our school might just have this - although I'm trying not to get ahead of myself :-)

  2. There isn't much worse than a toothache. Sorry you have been in pain, but I'm glad you are getting it fixed.

  3. To me there is nothing worse than tooth pain. I am having lots of dental work right now in stages due to my fall I had back in August. It looks like me and the dentist are going to become bestt friends over the next several months or more. Glad it is getting taken care of for you.

  4. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Oh I will ignore dentist story(scared to death of thsoe people).
    On the positive note 'our' school sis till leading!!!

  5. Ow. Owowowoowowowowoowoowow!

    Dentists = teeth = endowotsits... not good, not good at all! :-(

    Take care

  6. I have just voted again. Hope it counts!
    And, I hope your aching jaw is soon mended!

  7. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Nothing worse than tooth trouble....hope they can fix you up quickly.

  8. that happened to me amidst the fun of Nuit Blanche in Toronto a month ago... I can just imagine how you want to get rid of that Sir Rick!

    Have a great week...


  9. but nothing that made me want to carve my initials into her forehead with a dull pocket knife. - Love that line!

  10. I hope they give you lots of good drugs sweetie. Feel free to share with me.


  11. I agree, there's nothing much worse than a toothache. A few years ago I had severe pain from a wisdom tooth. Hope all went well today with your appointment and that you are now pain free!

  12. I am sorry about your tooth ache - hope it is repaired repaired by now. My husband had one of those - why does it always happen on the weekend? sandie

  13. I'm having tooth looked at very soon too..actually it's been looked at and removed and now they want to replace it with an implant that will cost as much as a really nice vacation for the hubs, me and a few hundred friends...

  14. I hate toothaches. Best of luck at your End The Pain Party tomorrow.


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