Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Loose Blogger

OK, you can call me a loose blogger. For years I've monazited my websites and this blog. All that means if you were to click on one of the Google ads that appears next to or under my blog, I'd get a little bit of money. Most years I get about a hundred bucks from all my websites and this blog.
Today I got an enhancement from Viglink that goes a step further. If I were to mention say Amazon or Ebay or some other business that advertises with Viglink, and you happened to click on the link, I'd get a little money.
The FTC takes this stuff seriously and so they make bloggers disclose whether they receive compensation by talking about these advertisers.  I want to say up front, that if you click on one of these links, I will get a little money.
The thing is, when I have a good experience with a company, website, or other business, I often write good things about them. Look back over my blogs through the years for kind words about Apple, Volvo, Ford,, and a bunch of other businesses. I've never, to my knowledge, gotten any money from them.
If on the other hand they screw me over, then I write about that too and you can use that information any way you care to use it.
Having said that, I just want to say that I won't be writing about ANY advertiser just to get a few cents when you click on one of their links.
However, if I have a good experience with a company, website, or other business, that means they've earned my trust and endorsement and you can rest assured that I'm recommending them for that reason and not that I'm  a total AD-HO that would sell my mama to the Talaban for a 12 pack of Bud and a puka necklace.
But I guess I'd fall under the category of loose blogger. 


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I had those ads for a while and I decided that I didn't approve of what they were advertising on some of my posts so I dumped them.

  2. I'm all for people making a little extra change. I promise I won't hold you personally responsible if I ever have a less than ideal experience with any of the advertisers. So that said, I hope you can make some extra money!

  3. LOL you had me at Ad ho!

  4. Hahah, you are one honest loose blogger:)

  5. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I skipped your blog about dentist(too painful to read,for me;)
    I do click on ads whenever I see them.It is such a little time and if we all do it for each other(I have them on my site too),noone has to buy anything or read it for that matter of fact:)
    What I earn with it all goes to the charity I have chosen in Belgrade(Serbia)>
    I am having a Giveaway over at my blog till 23rd November.Everyone is welcome

  6. Good and honest post Sir Rick! :-)


  7. Okay - as long as you are not a loose blogger- minus the "l" and with an extra "o".

    Now THAT I would have a problem with.

  8. I've never received a single penny from the advertising on my blog. I think I have a total of about 12 cents coming to me one of these days. So, everybody, please click on the ads on my blog. It's time to earn a little money for Christmas.


  9. There are adverts on your blog? I never noticed :-)

  10. Must. Click. On. Links.

    And add "monazited" to my vocabulary!

    Take care

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Ad-HO ....what a riot ... LOL tooooo funny ....

  12. Good luck - I am not going to go with ads right now - but I don't think I mind those who do. sandie

  13. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Good luck Rick,
    Ad ho - that was funny :)
    Have a great Thursday!

  14. That's what makes this country so great! Have fun and make a buck and all is, if I were to monatize my blog it would be embarrassing to say: "I've made 15cents this year with my blog!" I'll just be happy for you, OK? Have a great weekend!


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