Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Not Over Yet

I headed out to the dentist early this morning. I had a root canal, but as it turns out, the root canal had to be done before my regular dentist could fix the "bad tooth". 
The endodontist had to drill in through my bridge. The device he used sounded like a cross between a stump grinder and a wood chipper.
I tried to point this out to the dentist, but I had a mouth full of apparatuses, so what came out was aaa snnnnnd ike a oooooddd iiiiipppppper. He stopped drilling long enough to let the smoke clear and asked if I'd said something to him. 
Ohhhhh ayyyyyyy dndnt say nuthin. 
Turns out, the visit today wasn't that bad. But I'm headed back to my regular dentist tomorrow. She'll be snatching the bridge off  and yanking out the offending tooth with a pair of channel locks. 
When she does her number on my stubborn teeth I plan to come home and spend some quality time on the couch.
Y'all take care and be sure to go and brush your teeth.


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    wow, best of luck with that tooth, I'm sorry but you did make me smile,, ( sorry i know its not funny) its just funny with your descriptions,,

  2. I'm amazed you can keep such a sense of humor through all this dental work. When I had a toothache all I could do was cry and whine.

  3. First step in pain relief done. Hope you can get some sleep.
    - Joy

  4. why tooth can be so stubborn and hard to manage.. LOL!


  5. Yuck. I hate dentists. Make sure you spoil yourself when you get back :-)

  6. Anonymous5:48 AM

    I feel for you.

  7. I say this again: owowowowowowoowowowowowoow! OW! Take care

  8. I worked as a Dental Assistant for four years. You really learn to understand what ppl are trying to say around all the things in their mouth. Since leaving that profession I HATE going to the dentist. Go figure...crime and punishment.

    Hang in there it will soon be all better...

  9. The worst thing about a root canal was that rubber dam thingie..or is that the dam rubber thingie?..anyway, the thing they put over my mouth. I never knew I was my dentist and I both know it! After all this trauma, you need to be waited on hand and foot for atleast a week...maybe more.

  10. Thanks to you all for your notes of concern. I was in a great deal of pain all afternoon, but Jilda ran interference for me all day and let me lie on the couch.
    The pain meds kicked in and I drooled on my pillow.
    When I woke up this evening, I wrote my column for Sunday's paper -- guess what it's about.
    I think it's pretty funny. I'll post it next Monday after it runs.
    Also, it looks like my Birmingham paper is going to run the Typo column. I be soooo happy.

  11. I dread the dentist... nothing is funny until it is all over... hope the rest of the work goes well...

  12. Hope they got the right tooth!
    (Just kidding). I just went to the dentist yesterday too.
    Good luck tomorrow. And do rest.


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