Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Chores

We didn't have much on the calendar today so I did a few things that's been on my "Stuff I'm Going To Do  One Of These Days" list.
It's stuff that's important, but not urgent. Most folks have a list like this. Smart folks don't wait as long as I do to work on their list. 
Things like -- put our new music equipment on our MusicPro Insurance inventory. It's not pressing. The lights will stay on, there will be food on the table, but if something happens to that equipment when we're out playing, insurance would come in really handy.
I did that today. I also did some adjustments on the lawn tractor, I cut the grass one last time this fall, and I took it to the barn so that it would be out of the weather this winter.
I have a small water leak and today I located the leak and I collected the parts I need to repair the pipe. Again, it's important because I noticed my water bill is more than it should be, but it's not urgent because we still have water. 
If I let it go to long, the pipe will break -- and that usually happens at the worst possible moment. I'll finish repairing that tomorrow.
In years past, I've let important but not urgent stuff slide until it became important AND urgent. When that happens, it usually costs much more to set things straight.
This afternoon when I'd finished up my chores, I drove out to see my mom at the nursing home. We don't have a garage so we park our cars under giant oak and sweet gum trees. Bushels of leaves have been falling the past week or so. Today as I drove down the road I looked in my rearview mirror and saw leaves blowing out of the bed of my truck like confetti.
I had a story due last week that I didn't finish because I was out of commission several days due to the dental work, so I have to catch up this week.
Y'all have a great week. 


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    So many times I watched my dads pickup truck go down the lane spewing a snowstorm behind it, or spilling gallons of water after a rain, and yes, a cascade of leaves on a fall day. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    If you don't catch up with things to do, they will catch up with you:)Good you had sometime to do have to do things:)
    Bet you are sleeping nicely after such a day:)

  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Sounds like a very productive day : )

  4. Well done on finally making time to get those chores done. I'll bet you're feeling pleased with yourself. Hope your Mom is in good health and that you enjoyed your visit together. I enjoyed the image you shared of your autumn leaves fluttering free in your wake as you drove along the road to the nursing home. I hope your tooth saga is now almost just a memory and that you no longer have any pain or discomfort.

  5. I'm absoulutely hopeless at looking after the little things - I tend to leave them until the little things are major catastrophes in the making! LOL! And I never learn so well done you!!

    I hope you had a good visit at your mum's nursing home.

    Take care

  6. I always get a sense of satisfaction after a day like that - unfortunately, they don't happen very often :-)

  7. I have to agree with you. If you put it off too long it does become quite expensive. Be glad you can do alot of these things yourself. That's a savings in itself. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  8. I call my list the 'Honey Do List'. Usually my Honey, whom I call the Small One on our blogs and web site, makes that list and keeps it update. Lately though, the list has gotten so long and grown to such a weight that she no longer adds to it. In fact we both went looking for it a while back and found things we bought to take care of some of the jobs that were on that list, but the jobs have seemingly taken care of them selves.

    Just wish ALL of the jobs on the list would do that.

    Now I have a whole mess of 'stuff and things' I no longer need. What to do? Should I sell them at the Flea Market, or open my own hardware store on the carport?

    I think I need help here. Anyone interested?

    Just a thought in passing .....

  9. I love the Autumn leaves. My patio is covered in them all rich browns and reds. I'm leaving them there cos they're pretty!

  10. productive day indeed!... :-)


  11. Always something to do!! I am almost compulsed to get things done so that I can relax. But that being said, I have a TON to do right now when passing by the sucked me right in! lol


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