Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where's the Inspiration?

I'm sitting here scratching my beard trying to think of something to write about and Jilda's three feet away tapping on the keys of her laptop like she'd snorted a diet pill.
What is the deal-lieo? I'm a good person. I floss. I stop for pedestrians on walkers scooting into Walmart at a glacial pace. I rarely park in handicap spots, and I recycle. Why can I not have a decent idea once in a while.
OK, I realize I'm typing gibberish right now, but what do you expect? If I'd realized I would live this long, I would have eaten right, taken vitamins, and not sassed that fortune teller.
BREATHING. OK, I feel better already.
I'm working with the local high school technology center (we called it trade school back in the day) on a new website.
I spent most of the day taking pictures and talking to students, and instructors. It didn't take long to realize these kids weren't cheerleaders, they weren't sports stars, and most colleges would not be filling their mailbox with scholarship offers.
But what I saw was a group of kids that looked a lot like I looked when I was in high school in the late 60's.
I got a chance to talk to some of them one on one. I told them I was proud of the work they were doing at the technology center. I encouraged them to get really good at something.
I told them the world needs people who can fix things.  People in China, India, and Taiwan, might read your X-rays tonight and email the results to your doctor in the morning, but if you're toilet is stopped up, you're gonna need somebody from your zipcode.
So, even though I don't have a lot to write about tonight, I enjoyed my time with the kids today. I found myself smiling as I drove off campus.


  1. That's great advice.
    You did those kids a service by explaining this to them. They probably listen to you much better than they would their parents.

  2. I cracked up on the diet pill comment. And you are so right about those kids - thank goodness there are those kids who want to go to a trade school.

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I do not worry about you not having something to write about:)
    It sounds like a great day at the school:)

  4. Spenign time with our youth. That is awesome!
    What you shared was great!
    I would say you ahd lots to say and a great inspiritation Im sure as well. So gibberish I say you did well my friend.

  5. We really need the trades and we need those kids to be tradespeople. The welders, the carpenters, the plumbers, the electricians, the carpet layers, the drywallers, the list goes on. Keep telling them they are important and they are needed.

  6. What a great day helping the kids! I'll be they enjoyed that as much as you did. Don't worry - your mojo will be back. Probably tomorrow after a good night's rest.

  7. I agree with Sweet Tea...those kids will listen to you more readily at this point in their lives than someone really close. It is important for everyone to learn how to DO something.
    Thank you for caring enough to share your talents and perspective. YOU are a great role model and inspiration.


  8. Sounds like a great day with the kids. Those kind of schools are important.

  9. Awwwww! I love those kids already!! Yay!!

    Keep breathing!! LOL!

    Take care

  10. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Kids need all the encouragement they can get. Good job.

  11. The inspiration is you Sir Rick! With all of the beautiful things you are doing. You are right, we will will always need someone to help us fix something who is around your neighborhood.


  12. "...the world needs people who
    can fix tings" - how very true! This truth applies both to boys and girls, and I hope they take your advice seriously.

  13. When I was in school it was called DO...Diversified in our town it's the Vocational School..whatever it's called I've found many a student who've gone on farther in life than some of the brilliant scholars who can't get a job to save their lives. I have 4 sons and I sure wish we had 1 car mechanic, 1 roofer, 1 carpenter, and 1 lucky stiff who won a mega million lottery!

  14. If you need inspiration, then look at my new avatar. It's the back of my head in front of the window at City Lights Bookstore. People who look at the back of my head always feel inspired.


  15. There you go ... the LOC fixed our leaky faucet yesterday, and I was proud as punch of him! Maybe I should send him to trade school.

  16. You said that 'nothing' you had to say very eloquently :-)


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