Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slim Pickings

I've had a stomach virus all day and I'm so weak I can barely type. I know I said a few days ago that I writer whether I feel like it or not.
Well, I lied.
I'll do better tomorrow.


  1. There has been some colds etc. at our home too. Get well soon.

  2. aw darn. take care and do not start over doing until you actually recover.

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I've heard that many of my friends are down with this same happy I'm working from home...I do not want it !!! Hope you are feeling better....just move slowly back into the 'writing' ...don't want a relapse now do ya?

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly! Rest up and take your time to get over it properly.

  5. Yikes!
    Those old stomach virus bugs can really make a person feel weak.
    Hope you are feeling better in another day or so.
    Sometimes it's only a 24 hour virus.
    Take care and speedy recovery ;)

  6. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Feel better soon. Don't rush getting back to things.

  7. Oh no! Stomach viruses are not nice!! Oh dear - rest, rest, rest and stay rested. Get well soon! take care

  8. Aw, I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

  9. EEEEwwwwwwwwww.....I can't believe you EEEEEVVVeeeeeen tried to write feeling so badly. I wonder if you got a sound trumping for this from Jilda or she took pity on your befuddled mind in your probably feverish and OUT OF YOUR MIND condition.

    Feel better soon, rest up and then let us know how you are doing. Man oh Man you guys and your insistence on working while ill. Sheesh, to put it politely!


  10. Get better soon and don't forget to clean the keyboard..just sayin'.


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