Saturday, November 19, 2011

Losing the One You Love

We watched the movie Bandits while we ate dinner tonight. It's fairly old and stars Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Kate Blanchett.
In the movie, Bruce Willis' car is a 1967 Pontiac GTO. I love that car. I never had one, but I had a friend who did and it was what we called a screamer. In the late 60's Detroit made some of the most beautiful cars, in my opinion.
I had a 1965 Chevy Impala SS. It was fire engine red with a motor as big as Texas and a 4 on the floor.
When I cranked that baby up, the windows at my parents house rattled.
My fuel bill was outrageous back when gas was 50 cents a gallon.
On most Saturdays in the summer, I spent the afternoon washing and polishing that car. I'd roll the front and back windows down and head off to fetch Jilda.
I loved that car, but apparently someone else did too because it was stolen one night. The police came and took my information, but I never saw that Chevy again.
I've had cars and trucks that I've liked since then, but I've never had another car that I loved.


  1. Ah, the memories of the great machines. Mine kinda date yours by a decade, but they, even then, did Detroit up bit time.

    Thanks for the memories my Friend. Write on. I'm with ya!

  2. We had a 1968 GTO, cherry red with a black top, bucket seats -- and an 8-track player!
    Of course, where we lived, gas didn't hit 50 cents a gallon until 1974, so we had a few years to drive that baby on very cheap fuel. :)

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I remember my first car which I even named Shanon.An old toyota which consisted of spareparts put together.Great memories of that one:)

  4. I don't drive but I have very fond memories of my first boyfriend's first car. A Ford Capri, which was very old. He drove it until it fell apart.

  5. Thank goodness the lost one turned out to be a beloved car. I was afraid to read your post at first, just in case... :0)

  6. Anonymous6:22 AM

    We had a hard time giving up our eleven year old pt cruiser this year...seems silly doesn't it, but I know exactly how you felt.

  7. Oh no!!! I'm sorry your most fave car was stolen! I haven't a clue about cars as I don't drive but I do know how people could get so attached to them. My sister had a mini cooper and gave it a name and would have grieved horribly if somoeone had stolen it! That's how attached I know people can be with their cars. :-)

    Take care

  8. and you know what the real killer is? that GTO and the mustang and camaros. those are all classic cars now! can you believe that? if those cars are classic cars, what the hell are we? but my favorite car was a Lincoln Mercury Capri. I got it new in 1971. It was a magnet for wrecks though. three times it got smashed in the front end. The last time, just sitting in a parking lot. man, I loved that car.

  9. Never one to really fall in love with cars, but that sucks some dirty bugger stole it, prob chopped the poor thing up too.

  10. I bought my very first car in was a '72 chevy malibu..I loved it because I bought it with my own money. I felt so grown up! I kept it until the body started going. I'd had it over 10yrs by then. I saw it for years around this little town. It had the best engine ever! I remember driving to Florida in the late summer of '72 and paying 25c. a gallon for gas. Those were the days!

  11. Well, I'm back, and I have to say MY fav car was th '56 Chevy Station Wagon I bought in Kileen, TX, shipped it to Germany in '65 drove it 3 years there, sold it, and saw it again over there 7 years later. I had been rebuilt. A treasure.

    Of course My all time favorite was the 1939 Packard 6 Touring Sedan I learned to drive in. Dad bought the car the month I was born (December, 30).

    When all you folks were driving the fine muscle cars of the 60 and 70 I was driving the best the world had to offer. US Military jeeps, 3/4tons, 2/ 1/2tons, and a couple three twin Corvette engine powered APCs (Armored Personell Carriers), a tank or three.....

    Yeah, I did miss some good machines, but they are here now in 'gay profusion' ripping and roaring up and down the road. Such beauties.

  12. I had a Mustang when I was in high school. I lost my virginity in the back seat. I was young and flexible then.



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