Sunday, November 20, 2011


Have you ever smelled of your keyboard? Tonight, in a fit of frustration (because I didn't have a clue what to write about) I, sort of banged my head on my desk.
That put my nose in close proximity to my keyboard. Wow! I thought to myself. Not in a million years would I have guessed that my keyboard smelled of spaghetti and peanut brittle. 
It occurred to me that we had left over spaghetti for dinner. We never really do deserts, but we had a bag of peanut brittle that was given to us as a gift last weekend. I may have snagged a couple pieces before coming into the office to work on my blog. Hmmmm mystery solved.
There's a couple of interesting things at work here -- the most obvious being that I'm sniffing my keyboard, but the other being -- that no matter what we do, we leave  trace.
If we're slothful, someone will know. If we are rude or unkind, people will notice. 
On the other hand, a simple smile is sometimes all it takes to lift someone's spirits
I visit the nursing home where my mom lives, almost every day now. I've come to know many of the folks who live there. No matter how stressful my day has been, or how big a hurry I'm in, I try to take a moment to speak to the folks I pass in the hall. Sometimes the simplest acknowledgement brings a smile that warms your heart.
If given a choice, I'd prefer to be remembered as someone whose trace smelled like peanut brittle, than a missed appointment.


  1. My Mom spent the last two years of her life in an Alzheimer's Ward and I got to know the other people with her. Didn't often get a smile or an acknowledgement from them but what beautiful souls they had. And the spouses that came every day to feed them or just to sit with them (my Dad was one of those) were such an inspiration and example of love. Thank you for taking time to smile.

  2. Rick - They are lucky to have you visiting at the rest home! Good for you.

    As for smelling like peanut brittle, well, now that could be risky, if the folks you pass by happen to feel "snackish". :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jilda.

  3. I had to smell my keyboard after reading this; it smells like plastic. Not very exciting.

  4. Anonymous11:48 PM

    So you are eating while using computer!!!:)
    I love the stories old people have to tell..they are so wise..

  5. We all grow old and the sadness is, the young often treat them as is they know nothing and have never been anything.
    The elderly, like all of us, need respect, love and time. God Bless you. Your mother taught her son well. Crystal

  6. I always wipe my keyboard down with antibacterial wipes so it always smells of hospital! LOL!

    Btw, just read Jilda's post.. are you certain the banging of the head was an accident!??! LOL!

    Oh I'm JOKING!!! It's Monday!!!

    Take care

  7. The simple and unexpected short talk with people after a smile will bring you something good everyday. Let us always set a time to meet and greet or even smile if we are to busy..

    Have a great week ahead!.. Happy thanksgiving Sir Rick and Miss Jilda!..


  8. Anonymous6:39 AM

    The most important thing we leave behind is the memories others have of us....peanut brittle is definitely best.

  9. Ha! You just made me smell my keyboard! Mine smells of chocolate!

  10. I assure you it means a great deal to those folks when you stop to say hello. Also means a lot to the staff if you greet them.


  11. I try to visit my aunt as much as possible too. She needs the cheering up, and I notice that the other residents also benefit from a kind word or help with a door, a push of their chair. It doesn't take a lot of time, but just a little touch - a quick hug - does wonders. And if you smell like peanut brittle, I'd follow you anywhere!

  12. Great post! I didn't smell the keyboard. LOL Great thoughts expressed in this post!

  13. That is so incredibly sweet when you stop by and give someone a minute.

    And I must be a neater eater then you! sandie


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