Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Another Day at The Med Center

We were at Princeton Medical Center just after 10 this morning. They called Jilda in immediately to start her treatments, and I headed over to the cafeteria with my laptop.
I bought a strong cup of coffee and found a table in the corner away from traffic. I plugged in my headphones and went to work.
I finished a story and the first draft of my column before my phone buzzed. I thought it was Jilda giving me a status update, but she said she was through and ready to go eat.
When I looked at my watch, over three hours had passed.
There's something about working away from home. When you're at home, there are constant distractions. Something is always screaming out to be done.
Today the only call I answered was the call of nature, which at my age is very hard to ignore.
One of our good friends who works at the hospital visited with Jilda while being treated.

Once I got the call, I saved my files and hustled over to pick her up. Afterwards we stopped by Nikki's for lunch. Here's the shocker, I got the fried flounder with rice and fried green tomatoes.
Tomorrow will be couch day for Jilda while she recovers, and it will be up to me to provide the meals. I'm thinking either chili or frozen pepperoni pizza for breakfast, but the jury is still out with Jilda.
Y'all pray for us    :)


  1. Oh yes. You certainly have our prayers. This is such a hard thing to go through and hopefully it will all go well.
    Make sure she eats good stuff like parsely, oregano, garlic, onions, broccoli...and drinks lots of water. Even if she doesn't want to, blend some stuff in water and let her drink it as a drink.

  2. Yes, you're in our prayers. We hope all goes well for your lovely lady and for you.

  3. All will be well and I bet you can cook :)

  4. Oh, you are definitely in our prayers...take care.

  5. Anonymous6:26 AM


  6. Enjoy your cooking and hugs to Jilda!
    Take care

  7. Prayers coming your way :)

  8. I'm looking at a bowl of marshmallow fruity pebbles for dinner. Maybe I should pray for both of us. :)


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