Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My head was a bit marsh-mallowish this morning. I got up at the regular time, and normally when my feet hit the floor, I'm in high gear.
But this morning it seemed like I was in slow motion.  After I put on the coffee, I worked on updating my day planner while I waited for Jilda to wake up.
When I heard her feet hit the floor, I poured us both cups of steaming coffee and grabbed my laptop to check email.
I had an interview with the mayor of Mountain Brook at nine, so I wrote out the questions and mind-mapped what I already knew about him.
I then checked my blog and realized that Crack You Whip was my 400th follower. I sent her an email to let her know she'd won a book. She's a writer too and her blog is a scream.
When I finally decided to look up at the clock, I though -- OH CRAP, I'll be late.
I swilled my coffee, snorted some Honey Nut Cheerios, jumped in the shower, and I was off like a flash.
Just when I did the math and calculated that I'd make it to the interview on time, my low-fuel indicator light on my truck began to flash.
I stopped long enough to fill the tank and the whole time I stood there, I took long slow breaths. This must have slowed time, because I rolled into the parking lot where I was to do the interview at three minutes till  nine.
After the interview, I ran a few errands, ate lunch, and headed home. I spent the afternoon writing stories and compiling notes.
At 5:30 p.m. I snapped the laptop closed and went for a walk.  I took this photograph of the first sunflower of the year with my iPhone. It doesn't look quite right to me, but maybe I'm just tired. What do you think?


  1. The photo of the sunflower looks very artsy. I have a marshmallowish head until I have to deal with an emergency. Then I come to life.


  2. Thank you for following!

  3. 400 Followers....You rock! Marshmallow head or not. Congratulations.

  4. Geez, what do you do when you're not marshmellowish? I'm tired just following you on your day!

  5. I like the train depot in your banner.

    Appreciative of your visit.

  6. Love the sunflower and thanks for the compliment!


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