Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peace in the Garden

I guess you could call me garden person. For as long as I can remember I've spent time in gardens. Even when I was a kid, I enjoyed walking barefoot down garden rows, picking tomatoes, corn, or the many other vegetables we grew.
A lot of the other kids would whine each time their parents had them work in the fields, but I never did. I wasn't fond of hoeing or cutting okra (because it stung), but I did it.
When I married Jilda and moved into our 12 x 60 foot house trailer, we didn't have air conditioning, or a lot of other stuff, but we had a garden out back. It's something we both enjoy and we've always had one.
All our friends know this and many make a habit of visiting us at harvest time because Jilda is a double threat. Not only can she grow food, she can cook it too.
But many of the gifts we've received through the years for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions have been garden stuff. Birdbaths, sundials, figurines, or other stuff that goes well with our garden.
This past winter, I had the notion to do some garden stepping stones. I looked online and found a source for molds. I bought several, and they've been sitting in my tool shed all winter awaiting warmer weather.
This week, I started pouring some decorative stones.
I've made two Peace garden stones and two Celtic Knot stones. I put the Peace stones out today and shot this photo.
Now I can say that we have peace in our garden :)


  1. I love it!
    I had seen those kits to make those and they looked really neat. I would love to have a few around my fish pond.

  2. Beautiful! I made some stepping stones years ago using a pie plate and stones mixed in the cement...fun project but yours looks much nicer!

  3. The stones are lovely. I'm envious of your garden - I'd love to have one, but all we have is a patio. Next year when we redo everything I'm hoping to have a small raised garden at one end. In the meantime, I'll enjoy hearing about yours!

  4. It sounds like you had peace in your garden before adding the lovely stones. :) I've never had my own garden. You inspire me to want one.

  5. Everyone should have peace in their garden! :-) Take care

  6. We have 4. They say peace,love, faith and grow (damn it!)


  7. Pouring your own molded peace stones??? Now you are just bragging. :) Fun stuff.


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