Monday, May 21, 2012

Strange Dreams

I slept fitfully last night. My dreams were filled with clogged toilets, snarling dogs, and curiously large rabbits that could leap like kangaroos.
Most nights when I have weird dreams, I can get up, go to the kitchen and drink a glass of milk and eat some gingersnaps, and I almost hibernate when I go back to bed.
That was not the case last night. Each time I went back to sleep, I had to contend with those toilets. At one point I pulled a telephone out. Not a tiny cell phone, but one of those old timey black wall phones with a rotary dial. I was ringing, but I didn't dare answer it.
At any rate, I gave up at 4:30 a.m. and got up to straighten up in my office. I let Jilda sleep until 6 and then put on the coffee.
I can barely keep my eyes open so I'm hoping for a slumber-ful night.


  1. Oh, Rick, I am so sorry about the toilet dreams! Nothing worse than clogged toilets in a dream.

    My bad dreams are about disastrous field trips (retired teacher).

  2. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Gotta hate nights like that.

  3. Rabbits that could leap like kangaroos!?? Yay! LOL!! Take care

  4. I wonder what clogged toilet dreams mean. Are you constipated?


  5. I sure hope tonight is better! Perhaps if you keep a plunger by your bed, you can take care of those toilets quickly and get on with sleeping. ;)

  6. Be grateful you don't work in surgery, I would hate to relate dreams I've had! I've pulled things out of places you don't even want to know about and that wasn't even in a dream.

  7. Oh you must be worried about something. Poor you. Thankfully those days go away.
    Get some sleep and dream of warm oceans and breezes.


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