Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finding Your Voice

 I did something smart last week. I woke up with several good ideas for blog posts, and instead of letting the gifts slip back into the ether, never to be thought of again, I pulled out my laptop and typed the title in Blogger, and saved it without writing anything else.
Tonight when I found myself tapping keys, I remembered that I'd saved the ideas. The first one I came upon is finding your voice.
I think one of the most important things about blogging, is that it helps you to find your voice. It's harder than it sounds.
Some people are natural storytellers. Others struggle to say what they feel in a way that keeps the reader engaged.
I've been writing consistently for almost seven years, and the results are still hit and miss, but if feels more natural now.
The things make writing more difficult is lack of time, and trying to write when your spent. It's during those times it would be easy for me to skip a night, but good habits are easy to break, and band ones are easy to keep.
I think when you do find your voice, you know it, because the words seem to flow, and it just feels right.
Or that's the way it seems to me.


  1. Yes, I agree, but my voice can change depending on the circumstances. I'm not the same all the time.


  2. Enjoyed your post. For me, blogging is my daily shot of unadulterated joy. It's sharing with others little slices of my own life. Plus, I love taking photos. That's how I found my voice....simply by sharing my life. I'm always amazed and happy when people choose to Follow me. It's the greatest gift one can give in blogland, don't you think? Susan

  3. Good post. My voice is still trying to find its tune~

  4. I love this, finding my voice thing.
    I have always loved to write and also to tell stories so starting a blog as a way to document m life, a journal so to speak, was perfect for me. It always astounds me that people actually read my daily stories.

  5. I'm one of those that struggle to find my voice. Or let's say a voice that I like. Just don't have that natural talent like so many of the blog writers that I read.

  6. I have so many titles with nothing written. I start writing and then have a better idea, but have gone back and worked on some pieces later and they turned out great.

  7. When I started this blog I had no idea what was going to come out. Now I consider myself a writer. I just need to sit my butt down and write that book!

  8. For me it's not so much finding the time, but the effort and discipline! I wish my voice could come out as and when I want to! LOL! Take care

  9. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Smart man with good advice~

  10. Yeah, it's funny how some posts just flow, and others are a bit of a struggle. And then there are the random pieces that I don't think much of but that really strike a chord with others. It's always a surprise.

  11. It's funny how the muse hits and misses. Sometimes I am flying over the keyboard and then there are times I sit and look at the blank screen trying to force something, anything.


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