Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I walked out on the back deck this morning to dump coffee grounds in the compost bucket. The morning air was thick with fog hovering in the field between the house and barn.
I stood for a while and listened to the morning come alive. Just then I got whiff of something sweet. I stepped to the edge of the deck and saw the first gardenia blossom of spring leaning across the fence like an offering. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a picture.
I got busy with morning work and I had forgotten to mention the gardenia to Jilda, but once she walked outside she instantly knew it had bloomed.
Later in the morning when I went into my bathroom to put in my contacts, two blooms were tucked in a small vase by my mirror. They looked as though they were made of ivory.
I just upgraded to the new Photoshop this week and there is a new filter called Oil Paint.
I had to give it a whirl with the Gardenia, so it's shown below, but it's really hard to improve on what Mother Nature did on her own.


  1. Of the sacred trinity of southern aromas: gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine, gardenia is my favorite.

    Lovely pic-

  2. Jasmine and gardenia - I don't think there's anything that scents the air as beautifully as those two. I love to float gardenia blossoms in a dish of water.

  3. The oil paint does make it look like a painting...very cool!

  4. beautiful flower.I am sure it smels nice :)

  5. Beautiful shots of the lovely Gardenia bloom! Take care


  6. Lovely gardenia! We can't grow them here. Well, I should say "I" can't grow them here. :\

  7. Ah, your description made the morning come alive for me. Lovely writing. And lovely photograph.

  8. Diggin' your first version of the gardenia :)

  9. Both the photo and the upgraded oil photo are so lovely. But I agree--Mother Nature does not need our help.

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I just love this time of year when everything is popping. :)

    When we moved from Chicago to the Pacific NW a decade ago we were in for such a wonderful surprise that first spring. We'd never seen such a profusion of foliage and huge flowers in all our lives! And the fragrance is heavenly.


  11. For a brief year I had a gardenia. It was fantastic, as I had it indoors, and the smell was amazing.

    Sadly, it suffered the fate of most of my indoor plants. I had no idea it wouldn't survive the winter here and planted it outside. :(


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