Thursday, May 31, 2012

Storm Clouds Rising

I can't hear thunder yet, but I know it's near. The dogs are on my feet and under my desk. I stepped out on the back deck to get an analog weather report. The moon looked as if it were wearing a vail.
Lower level clouds were sweeping across the sky like wild game fleeing a wildfire.
The weatherman says we shouldn't have nasty weather and I choose to believe him.
I added the picture to the right for no particular reason other than, I want to add more pictures to my blog.
This one I shot a few evenings ago and I used the Oil Painting feature on Photoshop to dress it up a little.
I hope you all have a remarkable Friday, and weekend.


  1. I can never get enough of the beautiful skies in your neck of the woods.

  2. Hope the storms pass you by or are mild at least! Take care

  3. We had a couple nights of desperately needed rain. Now it's green here again. I love summer rain, especially when I am asleep.

  4. And why not add a picture when you feel like it? We all can use a good view.

    Have a good one.


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