Friday, July 27, 2012

Dancing with the devil

Jilda's over there a few feet away tap, tap, tapping away while I'm sitting hear scratching my watch and winding my head.
I wonder if she realizes how annoying it is to hear her pecking away on her keyboard like a woodpecker cranked up on expresso and imported diet pills.
I could lean over and tap the switch on her surge protector sending her PC to the black screen of death along with everything she's been typing for the past 15 minutes.
Oops. I thought that was my power strip. I hope you've been saving your work (fiendish smile).
I'm not that low, but I can tell you it's fun thinking about it some evenings when I'm fresh out of ideas.  


  1. Such a rascal you are tonite Rick!

  2. You do realize that with her yoga expertise Jilda could turn you into a pretzel, don't you?

  3. Boys will be boys, 'nuff said.

  4. You could just take a peek over her shoulder...hurry to your computer..steal her ideas...write she's still tapping...never mind, you're ornery enough to think of your own tricks! Have a good weekend

  5. ha, ha...too evil!

  6. Oh, I've come across a real writer. Happy for me...when you come visit me, which I invite you to do...just take it as it is...hahahhaha. I just joined you site..and I'll be happy to see you come to mine.


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