Saturday, July 21, 2012


We hung mandavilla from the arbor at the front steps. I think I would love the flower even if it never bloomed. Mandavilla. It's one of those words. Like Savannah. Don't you love Savannah. I've never been there but I somehow know I'd love it.
.....Now where was I. Oh yes, mandavilla. We were at our favorite produce stand last spring (2011) and  out in front of the walkway he had two hanging baskets bleeding with red mandavilla blooms.
I NEVER buy anything on impulse, but I bought these two basket.
They bloomed into the fall and as cold weather approached, we brought them inside to winter in the great room.
It can be a bit of a pain bringing the plants you love inside, because the great room gets really cozy, but I'm so glad we did.
We had a hard rain with wind yesterday which blew off a lot of the blooms, but our little mandavillas are back hard at work.
I shot this picture this morning. Of course I used the Photoshop filter I'm learning how to use.  


  1. Lovely flowers. You are inspiring me to take pictures now. There are so many beautiful landscapes around. Rick I tagged you on my blog because I would like to learn about your book "Remembering Big". Come and take a look. Ciao.

  2. I had to enlarge that pic to see what you did...very cool! My Mom always brings in her plants. They all survive and save her money plus they look great year after year.


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