Thursday, July 26, 2012


I watched Midnight In Paris again while we ate dinner tonight and one of the characters in the movie that interested me was the character played by Kathy Bates, which was Gertrude Stien.
When I looked her up on Wikipedia, her story is amazing. I read where she was one of the first to experiment with stream of consciousness.
I think Kerouac brought this concept to the main stream with his seminal work On the Road.  
I read that book a few years ago and I was blown away with the pacing and depth of his work. And he made it seem so effortless.
I'm not sure if he knew Gertrude or ever heard of her work with stream of consciousness, but it struck me how connected we all are.
It's rare we come up with something new. It's more common to sew seeds on fields that have already been plowed.
There have been very smart people who came before us. I think it would behoove us to look at what they did to see if we can add anything new.
Well, that's what I think on Thursday July 26, 2012. Ask me tomorrow and you may get a different perspective.


  1. I always find we lose out when old people die. They know things and it all goes with them.
    I love stream of consciousness narratives. They really go into the psyche of the characters in a story.
    You get to go on their journey with them, see what they see , feel what they feel.
    Can you imagine if we could do this in real life?

  2. James Joyce preceded Kerouackackack, but I don't know if he was considered mainstream just because he wrote a couple of the greatest novels of the past century.


  3. I forgot to say I love "Midnight in Paris."


  4. I think I have to agree and I love "Midnight in Paris," too.


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