Saturday, July 28, 2012

Early Night

It's 9:20 p.m. here in Empire, and the weather app on my phone says it's 88 degrees. Jilda and I performed this evening for Backyard Blessings, which is our favorite charity.
Children who live in poverty are fed by the local schools through the week (while school is in session), but the officials learned that many of these kids don't get much to eat over the weekend. Backyard Blessings provide sacks of food for each child so they don't go hungry. 
We went on at 7 and the sun was to our backs. It was about 95 degrees at the time. I think I wold have fit in those bluejeans I wore when we got married.
We didn't play but about 30 minutes, but I was wringing wet when I stepped off stage. After our set, the local TV station gathered us to the side of the stage and interviewed us about the event.
The crowd this year was probably three times what it was last year. After the interview, we headed to the car so that Jilda could conserve her energy, but we saw friends and family we haven't seen in  a long time.
Our nephews James and Haven both brought their kids to see us. Jilda made a donation to the face painting booth so the kids could get painted up.
Breeze is only eight years old, but to me, she looks older in this picture.
She had hair to her waist, but a few weeks ago, she had her hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love which is a program that make real hair into wigs for cancer patients who lose their own hair in chemo.
Even at such an early age, she's already learning about social responsibility.
I can tell you, it felt good to get home, wring out my shirt, and put my PJ's on.
I can promise you it will be an early night tonight.


  1. Awesome face paint! And how cool that Breeze is learning to be charitable to those less fortunate. I have some nieces and nephews that could stand to learn that lesson.

  2. What a great charity. The Salvation Army has a beautiful center here in Ashland with a splash park. Every day free lunch is served to any child who's there. It helps to feed kiddos who are used to getting a lunch at school. Your niece is adorable and when they say "face painting"..they mean it! Usually you only get a little butterfly or something..she really got a cool look! You have a very giving family and with Donna needing wigs I'm so happy for the locks of love program.

  3. 88 degrees isn't bad, but 95 is up there. Lately, it has been in the triple digits here in North Carolina. I'm afraid to go outside for fearing of being baked.

    Backyard Blessings sounds like a great charity. Love the face painting! I think it's wonderful how active your family is in participating in these causes. I would like to donate to Locks of Love at some point since my hair is so long.

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

  4. The public schools also do that in the summer here... you can go to the library, have a book reading party and get free lunch. All without guilt... it's fabulous.

    She looks so much older than 8... and Bonus Brother also donated his hair a few months back. Such a good cause.

    Enjoy what's left of the night!


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