Monday, July 09, 2012

Digging Deeper

Thanks to all who commented on my entry last night on What Resonates, I think you all had valid points, but when I hone in on something, I find myself wanting to dig deeper.
I picked up Jilda's iPad today and touched the Flipbook icon. One of the streams (news feeds) is Fast Company. If you've never read Fast Company, I suggest you pick one up, or go online and read a little. It's my favorite magazines.
Anyhow, I found this article this morning that examines why videos (in particular) go viral.....or why they resonate. This story looks at two videos: one is the Old Spice commercial, and the other is about the Bed Intruder, and it takes a look at the reasons why America found them so compelling.
The article is several pages long, but for those interested in digging a little deeper into the psychology of "telling a story" which is what most of us bloggers strive to do, I think it is an excellent piece.
How to Build Marketing Stories that Work.
If any of you come across any articles about this topic, I'd love for you to send me links. 


  1. Oh dear! I tried reading the article but got lost in how it's all about genetics and all to do with brain waves etc! LOL! Sorry!

    I say if there's a cute cat/dog doing fun things on youtube - it's bound to go viral esp with the help of other social networking sites sharing the clips ad finitum!

    Take care

  2. Bed intruder? I haven't heard about that, but there is a man who gets in bed with me every night. Oops! That's the dog. He's my sweet little furry bed intruder. I never make him leave.


  3. Hmm... interesting article. It definitely makes sense. I guess everything comes down to those three factors and everything else is just icing. :-)

  4. I think it all boils down to "cute and funny."

    Most of the virals on the web are either animals, babies or teens doing stupid things.

    Us "oldies" don't have a chance.


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