Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Olympic Event Ideas

I'm thinking about petitioning the Olympic committee for some new summer games. The ones they have are exciting, but I think ratings would skyrocket with the addition of the following:

1. Rug Riding - That's where a bunch of drunk people stand on an old carpet and a 4-wheel drive truck drags them around a field at a high rate of speed.

2. Pig Toss (the name says it all) Down on the coast of Alabama, they substitute a mullet.

3. Chittlin eating

4. Barn building (or burning, depending upon the mood of the crowd)

5. Creative Whittling

I know you must have some ideas of your own.  Please feel free to add them here with a comment.


  1. lol That would make it a type of jamboree lol
    We watched the bicycle races today and a bit of judo.
    WWF wrestling is a lot more fun to watch but I guess for the families and friends of the people in it, it must be wonderful.
    We watched our Canada girl and she was back of the leading group.When they would fall it looked like it hurt but they would get up and get to it again.
    Powerful young women!!

  2. Bake-a-cake!! I'd enter!! Take care

  3. Thank you for following my blog...I always get a smile in my heart finding a new follower. I look forward to visiting you on your blog. I think a new summer game could be stone skipping? I know...that's dumb.LOL

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Slippin' Slide Races. Slinky down the stairs contests (lose points for getting stuck). Build the best homemade bong. Best Lego building. Make the other person let go of your Eggo. Most inflated ego. I could go on forever; therefore, I win at verbal diarrhea.



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