Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dog Stories

Jilda and I headed out for our morning exercise earlier than usual. The oak, hickory, and sweet gum trees have all shed their leaves, so as we passed beneath the ancient trees, our feet sounded as if we were walking on a crunchy carpet that is an unfortunate shade of brown.
The dogs love this time of year. Our neighbor's dog jumped a deer behind the barn, so she and all our dogs were off to the races. The sound of their barking faded as they chased the poor critter into the next county. 
A while later as I tended the chickens, the dogs dragged back into the yard. I heard them panting before they came into view, with tongues hanging from their mouths like leather straps.
I have an old aluminum dishpan in the back yard that I fill with fresh water each day. They drank the pan dry.
It occurred to me that if dogs could talk in a language we could understand, what stories they could tell.
Our dogs are well behaved, for the most part, so we give them a lot of space. 
Walking is a daily routine for us, so they're accustomed to being free-range dogs. When the walking is done, they are low maintenance for the rest of the day because they collapse on the carpet and sleep.
My mother was against dogs in the house, and she could never understand why we allowed it. That's OK with me. 
We've never had children, so our mutts are important to us, and I never felt the need to justify that with anyone.
I hope when our critters move on to the next level they say, "You would not believe how much fun we had with our people."


  1. Yes, it would be fun to know what dogs are thinking...

  2. My Dad believed in the same thing. Nothing better than a free animal. It is happy and lives a life its supposed to.
    Around my place people shoot dogs from their window in winter and drive faster when they see an animal on the road and the RCMP shoot them too if they chase deer.
    The SPCA charges you with cruelty if it has a matt. I think people are selfish and crazy today and this is why animals also don't behave normal.In a few years, it won't be a good planet to live on anymore.I think we are living in the best of times soon to come to an end.

  3. Good dogs are the best friends, aren't they? I had the fun of meeting my son's new dog this past weekend. He was abandoned and has a few trust issues, but is the perfect gentleman and very sweet. He's a wonderful addition to their lives, and it broke my heart to think of how cruelly he'd been treated in his former life. But he has a wonderful family now so all is well.

  4. Rick! nice evaluation and story. you always paint a vivid photograph with your words.


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