Monday, December 17, 2012

No Sympathy

When I fell off the ladder Saturday, I sprang back to my feet like a cat. Jilda came running out to check on me. I think she heard the ladder bang up against the house, but now she's telling all her friends that the house shook when I hit the ground.
Now I know I could afford to drop a few pounds, but there's NO way the house shook when I hit the ground, and anyone who says I did, is a LLPOF (Lier, lier, pants on fire). So if she writes that on her blog, I need for some of you to call her on it.
After the spill, I walked around nonchalantly as if nothing had happened, but I was secretly taking stock on all my moving parts to make sure something wasn't broken.
After a while, I thought to myself, hey, this is no big deal.
That night I fell asleep, and when I woke up Sunday morning, I almost called 911. Every muscle in my body was aching.
I snorted some Advil, and finally managed to stand and move about.
But this morning, the old body went into phase II with aching muscles, some of which I didn't realize I had. I felt like I was walking sideways.
Then tonight when I went to yoga, the yoga class (mostly women) ganged up on me and had fun at my expense.
Old achy Rick got no sympathy there :)
Y'all have a great week.


  1. Hey, I know a really good who's taken a few hits who's married to me and I promise he won't even charge you! (bloggers discount!) Hope you're really OK and I must say my usual phrase that I always say to my OR patients who've fallen off ladders.."Ladders are evil!"..never forget it!

  2. Rick! Ya! best written slaps-stick humor ever!!!!!

  3. So glad the house did not really shake..what a blow that would be. Haahahaa...I have had that entire body ache wake. I give you some sympathy even if the yog ies will not.

  4. Although you gave me a good sympathetic chuckle or two try not to repeat!

  5. HAHAHAHA, just read this again to my husband and we both loved the lines ; "snorted some Advil... and...walking sideways". my husband suggests i extend sympathy cuz he, too has fallen many times and not all from ladders. So yes, i'm sorry but MAN, thanks for the laughs.

  6. If I fell off a ladder, I would expect a great deal of love and sympathy; thus, I extend the hand of empathy to you.


  7. Sending hugs and sympathy your way Rick!!!! Shame on the wifey!

  8. You have my sympathies and my husband's too. Just last week he almost fell off a chair on which he was trying to stand up to put up a clock, instead of letting me or even waiting for our daughter. We do learn the hard ways don't we.

  9. You are amazing.
    The yoga must have saved you.
    If that was me, I would have broken everything.
    You were soo lucky.

  10. Isn't that always the way: you think you skated by unscathed only to get nailed later on. Hope you're feeling great now ~

  11. Hi Rick, now I know why you were telling me that ladders were dangerous, and I agree with Yaya, ladders are evil. I always have sympathy when someone is hurting badly, especially when they have to walk sideways because they have fallen off a ladder.

    I like the way you sprung back on your feet like a cat. Next time you might not be so lucky... Advil is my med of choice for sore muscles but I haven't tried snorting them yet.

    Hope that the muscles will feel all better soon.


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