Saturday, December 01, 2012


My head is pounding like a kettle drum being whacked by a drummer cranked up on diet pills and Mountain Dew.
I know most of you who live outside the south probably think we're crazy to get so excited about college football, but I can't help myself.
I have a theory.
My homestate of Alabama is a strange and wonderful place. We're last (or first in the bad categories) in practically every economical, social, educational, and physical statistic that's ever been measured.
We have one of the highest high school dropout rates, infant mortality rates, we are some of the most obese people on the planet, and we talk funny.
There are a few things we're good at. Even thought we fall very low on the per capata income, Alabama is one of the most generous states in America. We donate a lot to charity.
We are also good a college football. So for a few month in the fall, we don't suck. Alabama is not alone here. Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky always play their hearts out.
Tonight, Alabama played Georgia in the South Eastern Conference championship game. It was a nail-biter until the very end. Both teams deserved to win this one, but Alabama prevailed, and will face Notre Dame in January for the National Championship. Alabama won last year. It wasn't the first time. We won in 2009 too. In fact, the school has won 14 national championships in football since 1892.
The Tide is one game away from #15. I'm sure Notre Dame has other ideas, but tonight we're celebrating in the tiny community of Empire, Alabama.
Our football team did us proud tonight.


  1. Congrats !:)
    We are also big fans of our Cunucks here in BC. They have the biggest fans ever.It's always nice to have community spirit.

  2. Yeah, we've heard about your football, alright!!!!

  3. When I moved to Florida, a new friend told me that I would be asked three questions over and over now that I lived in the South. First, where dya go to church? Second, what's yer football team? And I can't remember the third, so maybe he was wrong and there are only two questions.


  4. as a GA fan, i appreciate you saying we played well too. best of luck :)


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