Sunday, December 30, 2012

Google +

I got a pop-up message when I logged on yesterday saying that I should merge my Blogger and
Google + profiles.
I've noticed a few of you are doing this. Rebecca Jerdee at and Rachel Cotterill at are using their Google + profiles and I wondered if it changed anything significantly?
I think I'll give it a try soon. The Google info says that it makes your blog more visible to a wider audience.
I've started joining Google + Communities of interest. So far I've joined Writers, Authors, Bloggers; Authors and Marketing; eBook Publishing; Singer/Songwriters; as well as Entrepreneurs and Self Employment.
Some groups I've joined in the past have not been that good but I've picked up some very good information on these Communities.
What I've discovered so far is that Facebook has more users, but the discussion on Google +  seems to resonate with me.
There are also useful tools such as Hangout which allows 10 people to video chat together. I've used it a few times to brainstorm with some of my friends and it's really a powerful tool.
If any of you are on Google +, be sure to let me know so that I can Circle you. I'm Rick Watson Homefolk Media if you search for me.
Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. I spent a good bit of time this morning finalizing my goals for 2013.
So I'm excited about 2013. I hope we all do remarkable things.


  1. Rick, I don't think that Google + is for me as I'm rather low key and don't even have nearly enough time to leave comments on all blogs who follow me as it is.

    I feel bad if I can't reciprocate comments. I enjoy the followers that leaves meaningful comments and I've come to care about my blogger friends.
    They have uplifted me in sad times and laughed with me and have been a great support to me when I needed it. I've grown fond of them.

    I welcome new followers but I don't want to go looking for them unless they are of interest to me personally.

    Hope that you find Google + to your liking. Sorry that I couldn't be of any help.

    Stay warm and safe.

  2. Rick, I'm glad you wrote this post because I have the same questions. I am still trying to figure out what this google thing means. LOL.

  3. I'm ok without all the extras They just get more confusing.
    Simple is the best.

    Happy New Year to you and Jilda!!

  4. My husband swears by google +. I need to give it more if a shot. I am on there but don't engage enough.

  5. I've not really looked at all things Google plus but then I'm always 2 steps behind all the trends so what do I know?!?! LOL!!

    I am wishing you and lovely Jilda a most fabulous and fun 2013! Take care

  6. I wondered the same thing. I did notice that if I merge the two my sign in name will be Jennifer Miller which is fine since that is my name. But I'm rather attached to the flyingjen log in. Not sure yet which way to go.


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