Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Voyager 1

If you ever get to thinking you're clever, consider this. American scientists on September 5, 1977 (Carter was in the White House), launched a space probe called Voyager I into space. Voyager II launched seventeen days earlier on August 20, but it had a different mission so it dallied around Jupiter and Saturn long enough to give Voyager I a head start.
The simple act of getting something that size off the ground boggles my mind, but news articles coming out this week report that Voyager I is zipping through the outermost edges of or solar system at 35,700 miles an hour, sensing solar winds, and the magnetic attraction of deep space. It's still sending information back to earth on its journey. It takes the signals 17 hours to reach earth.
I can almost hear the smart guys with long sideburns wearing bellbottoms, kicking this idea around over a few beers. "Hey, why don't we send a spacecraft out to Jupiter and maybe check out the rings around Saturn." To which one of his smart buddys would say, that's a great idea," as he swilled another beer and shoved a few more peanuts into his mouth.
I read a piece today that said Voyager I is 11 billion miles from the sun. Who would have thought it?

While I'm writing about space and what not, I came across this video that's based on something Carl Segan wrote. It's a short (4 minute) video that blew me away.


  1. man is truly insignificant in the scheme of things. He thinks too much of himself. If the planet died or blew up, man wouldn't be missed.
    But I do think there is another planet out there that can support life. I believe man, as we know him, was created.

  2. Carl Segan was an artist...of thoughts. Well said.


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