Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fruit Cake

Last week when we visited friends in Birmingham, one of the desserts served was fruit cake. It was scrumptious.
Some people whine at the mention of fruit cake, but I love it.
My mother made all kinds of fruit cakes during the holidays. One was a no-bake fruit cake using graham crackers and marshmallows. She also made a Franklin Nut Cake.
I hadn't tasted a fruit cake that came anywhere close to my mother's cakes until the one we had last weekend.
Jilda asked for the recipe and the hostess shared it. This morning, we headed out early to the market and bought all the fixin's.
We have company coming tomorrow so we've spent a good bit of time today sprucing up the house, but this evening Jilda decided to make the fruit cake.
Normally when I ask if I can help, Jilda says no. The main reason is because our kitchen is so small that when there's two people in there working, it's more like dancing.
But tonight, she said sure. So I helped cut up the pineapple, dates, pecans, and other stuff. We used the largest bowl we have, but fitting all the stuff in it was a challenge.
We ended up dumping half of it into another bowl, and mixing it slowly before adding more stuff from the second bowl.
After popping that baby in the oven, we had supper and watched A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. This is probably my favorite version of the Dickens' Classic.
The aroma of that cake kept wafting through the air as thick as summer gardenias. It was all I could do to keep from diving in the oven head first and eating my fill with a fork.
We're saving it until tomorrow, so I'll report back then on how it tastes. I'm confident that my help making it help to put it over the top.


  1. You bet. I can smell it here lol
    I love fruit cake My Mom made Easter bread with stuff inside and it was fantabulous!
    Every year I keep saying I'm going to try but I don;t go to church and this is where you display your Easter bread.
    And special eggs I have to start doing stuff like this.

  2. Poor fruitcake, it has such a bad rap! It's one of Jack's favorites and I made some last year. His Mom always made one and I think a liberal amount of "preserving" liquid, if you get my drift, was used. She always made it weeks ahead so it could age well! I made mine without rum and it tasted pretty good. Now you have me thinking about making one...darn you! I'll bet yours will be delish..enjoy!

  3. My Mom's fruitcakes, as well as many homemade candies were always part of the Christmas celebration. I also enjoy watching A Christmas Carol - as a kid, Mr. MaGoo's version of the Dickens classic was my introduction to the story and remained one of my favorites.

  4. Fruit cakes are my husband's favorite cakes.I would love to try the no bake one. Enjoy cause it sure smells yummy:)

  5. If you were involved - that pretty much guarantees that it will be "over the top." :)

    Enjoy your fruitcake. It takes one to like one. :)

  6. I love fruitcake too. And candy corn. I think there are certain foods that people decide it's cool to dislike. Then lots of others jump on the bandwagon.


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