Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We kept this weekend open, so yesterday afternoon, I brought our Christmas tree inside. I helped wrap the lights, because that part is easier with four hands, but when it comes to hanging the ornaments, I leave that to Jilda.
She is very meticulous, when it comes to decorating so I try to give her room. Time has taught me not to question, but to attach the little hooks and hand them to her when she wiggles her fingers.
She never takes her eyes off the tree so I have to rely on subtle signs that she needs something. A wiggling finger, a cocked head, a barely audible grunt, or hip that's thrust to the starboard instead of port.
Sometimes it takes a mind reader to hand her the right thing, but again, time has been a friend to me. I simply act as the DJ, and drink provider.
At times it's hard to see where she's headed with a particular design, but I've learned that I don't have to envision the outcome, while the work is in progress.
I shot this picture while there was still light outside, long before the crystal stars, snowflakes, and icicles were hung.
When she finished the tree, we turned off the overhead lights, sat on the couch sipping eggnog, and listened to Windham Hill's December.
Today, Jilda has spent most of the day painting Christmas cards. It is a tremendous amount of work, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Many of those who get her cards, frame them.
It's been a good weekend, although due to the tragedy in Connecticut, we've both had heavy hearts.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families there.


  1. LOve it. It's beautiful. You both work well as a team.

  2. What a beautiful tree! And hand painted Christmas cards? How wonderful is that! I did handmade cards several years ago (a combination of photography on one side and an original illustration on the inside) so I know how much work they are! Merry Christmas to both you and Jilda. I almost felt like I was there with you, sipping eggnog!

  3. What a wonderful tradition, sending both of you lots of smiles!

  4. Awwwww love yours and Jilda's Christmas tree and decoration traditions! Yay! Take care

  5. Rick! thank you! i love it when you come to my posts. i cherish your opinions [even if about a subject you are as versed on, hahahaha].

    i love hear about your Christmas traditions with Jilda.

    take care!
    [i have a dead computer now so just using my smartphone or the pub library for a few days]

    santa needs to be extra giving this year.

  6. We have one of those fakie pre-lit trees...not that crazy about it but it frees Jack up from the light thing! I do the ornament hanging also. Your tree looks lovely and I just thought it's kind of ironic that I live surrounded by pine trees yet I have artificial inside..hmmm...must mean something deep I'm sure..

  7. I love the tree and I think that you and Jilda did a fantastic job on that tree. Jilda and you make a good team working together.
    At my house, I bring in the tree from the garage, it's an artificial tree and I have my reasons... but if my husband is around, he will put it on it's base otherwise I do that myself, plus the lights, and the ornaments with only two hands. When he retires, he's got a lot of catching up to do if I have my way...


  8. Its wonderful to notice so much of affection in what you speak! Have a merry christmas!


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