Friday, April 25, 2014

A night with songwriters

We did a songwriter thing tonight with some really great writers. We've attended a lot of these in the past and it's always a joy to be blown away by songs with simple music and lyrics.
After the show, several of us went to Huddle House and as we ate together, we told stories that resonated with us.
I could have stayed there all night, but alas we had to get on home. It's nights like to night that keep us doing what we do.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening for glad you enjoyed it!

  2. That sounds like a really good time...that's my favorite kind of music. :)

  3. All that talent and energy! How fun to be with friends and share the very same creative juices you and Jilda have. Great way to start the weekend! Enjoy!

  4. Good for you guys. What is better than the company of friends and time spent doing what we like to do.

  5. Nice to be with like-minded folk. Funny what one does not know in this world. I never thought of any 'associations or groups' or song writers.

  6. I am glad you had such a great time, those are the best days :)

    I wanted to let you know I am taking a blog/media break for a while... I will catch up when I get back :)

  7. In good company is the way to spend any time. With friends and telling stories with those whom you love is even better.


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