Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peaceful Easter

This morning after I poked the brew button on our coffeemaker, I stepped out on the deck to get a feel for the weather. The sky was transitioning from midnight blue to a color of blue that has no name. The moon was high in the sky and looked like a half eaten biscuit.
Even though the sun was not up, I could see tinges in the tops of trees and I knew it would be a beautiful day.
A while later I slipped on my shoes and stepped down to the road to fetch the Sunday paper as the sun peeped above the eastern horizon. At the end of the arbor, I saw a single blossom from the honeysuckle bush we planted there a few years ago. It had survived the harsh winter, and the color was stunning.
Pulling the iPhone from my pocket, I snapped the picture below. No camera can capture the nuance of texture and color, but even a sad rendition is beautiful.
Tonight my lovely spouse Jilda celebrates her 4-year blogging anniversary. Pop over and wish her a happy anniversary, and feel free to click the follow button there.
I hope you all have had a peaceful Easter weekend.


  1. I'm happy to hear you had Peaceful Easter... I had a quiet one with Valentina, it was nice ♡

  2. Glad you had a great Easter, Rick. We did, too. I already commented on Jilda's blog. I am so happy I met her through you! xo Diana

  3. Hope that beautiful bloom is a start of many to come! Take care

    1. Last year the arbor came to life with bloom from that little plant.

  4. Easter is about rebirth... and you got a lovely visual with the flower. How awesome is that???

  5. Our honey suckle are taking off once again. This year, they may actually reach the roof.

  6. Hoping Jilda and you had a wonderful Easter!


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