Friday, April 04, 2014

End of the day

The phone rang before 5 a.m. this morning. Usually that's a drunken caller who fat fingered the phone number of an old girlfriend, or a prank caller. As it turns out it was an automated call from our local weatherman saying a sever thunderstorm was bearing down on Empire.
I slipped out of bed and went into the TV room to get the scoop from the Weather Channel. The radar had globs of red and yellow headed our way.
It seems the violent part dissipated before it arrived and we only got a few flashes, some rolling thunder, and buckets of rain. We needed the rain, and by daybreak it looked as though things had gotten greener.
I had to go pick up my truck after lunch and I drove home in the rain. We had leftover turnip greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread for lunch. Yum.
There is no better time to take a nap than on a rainy day.
When the alarm on my phone sounded, I stood, stretched and stepped out on the deck. The clouds had parted while we napped and I could see blue sky.
I put on my boots and began working on several things I'd been putting off for months. There's a privet growing in our fence down by the garden and I think it grows faster than kudzu in an old chicken pen.
I took the chainsaw, ax, and several other tools  to battle the infernal bush. I did get it dug out but I actually think it would have been simpler to replace the fence.
The tiller needed some attention and I fertilized the fruit trees. By dinner time, my fanny was dragging.
I put the tools back in the shed, went inside and freshened up.
Jilda already had dinner on the stove. I poured me a glass of red wine and stepped out on the deck to watch the sun settle into the horizon. It was a perfect end to the day.
End of the day


  1. Nice to have some warning of bad weather, that is for sure.
    Love the left-overs, sounds like great fooding.
    enjoyed the read.

  2. It is so close to real gardening time her I look for a stray week among the few bulbs coming up. I've found me two dandelions!

  3. Productive day and a GREAT end! Tis the season to be a-watchin' the sky!

  4. Lots accomplished in a day! And a really cool pic!!

  5. It is nice when we get things done.
    Surprised that I don't see you with the people in the challenge (A to Z). as many good blog posts that you had, I miss them in the process of catching up with the A to Zs.

  6. That sounds like a pretty good day all the way around from start to finish. Love it, Rick. xo Diana

  7. Sounds perfect...looks perfect, too!


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