Saturday, April 26, 2014

High School reunions

The dynamics of high school are interesting. I'm sure my old school is no different than most, but there were kids with that seemed to have it all and kids who didn't have two nickels to rub together.
Some of the kids were popular, and some weren't. Some were kind to everyone and others who left a lot of collateral damage in their wake.
One thing I've learned is that time is the great equalizer.
My family didn't have much money, but I've always been funny and I had the good sense to use what I did have to my advantage and as a result, I was fairly popular in high school.
Jilda, on the other hand was as thin as a reed in school and as a result was the brunt of a lot of kidding. Some of the kidding was good natured and some was not, so her memories of those high school days are different than mine.
I think the dynamic of hurt feelings is the reason that so many people choose not to attend high school reunions. It's a little sad because holding on to past grievances requires a lot of energy.
I'm thankful for those who did show up tonight. It was good to see them all.


  1. I went to a small, informal reunion a couple of summers ago and was really nervous because I was not one of the popular ones in high school. I think that my experience was more like Jilda's than yours. As it turns out, I'm really glad that I went. All of the cliques that existed back then had vapourized over the years and we were all equals. I guess that we all grew up….

  2. My high school had 4000 kids...a small town in and of itself! The usual cast of characters....greasers, nerds, music and arts, jocks, and the rest of us! I had good friends and enjoyed school but I also had to work. I went to as many school functions as possible around my schedule. Our reunions have been fun, but I missed the last one. They have evolved into golf outings and formal dinner/dances...and very expensive. I may have come from the big city but I think the small town, less formal is more my style! The pic of you and Jilda is awesome....glad you had fun! (I'm betting those that made fun of her back then don't look half as young and beautiful as she does today!)

  3. My 45th high school reunion is this summer. The number seems wrong somehow. I cannot go; we will have just returned from seeing our daughter in Switzerland.
    In a way, I am sad to miss this one, as #50 will see some big changes. Maybe then.

  4. I haven't been to any of my reunions so far, and it's not that I had a bad time in high school. I loved high school and had a great time there...I just avoid any kind of gathering, altogether. They won't miss me. I'm friends with them all on Facebook, though. :)

  5. I wouldn't go to a reunion for love nor money.



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