Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I've spent time reading my blog-buddies this evening and I'm amazed at the talent out there.
Janie  mentioned the song Baby Blue by Badfinger in her post and it ripped my mind back thirty years.
Jilda and I had a vinyl album by Badfinger and we listened to it so many times that we wore it out. I'd forgotten how much I loved that group.  
Then when I visited  Debi's blog, she wrote about trains, which ripped my mind back in time 40 years.
Each blog I read, offered up something that was unique, yet pieces of it were familiar.
The blogging community is incredible. It's filled with creative people who spend time each day bringing pieces of their lives to the greater community....experiences that you may have had yourself. 
I find that my mind often reaches back and digs up long-forgotten memories that have laid dormant for years.
It's like the front porch of neighbors when I was a child. I could sit and listen to the stories for hours.


  1. I love reading blogs just for that reason... it's so amazing what memories can be brought up ;-)

  2. I love blogs as well. Getting to know people. All the good things and the sad things which connect us all in life.
    Our experiences are shared since basically something comes at different periods of our lives but it comes and we learn from it. I find life amazing!

  3. I feel that way also..about your blog! I enjoy all the talent out there. I'm not filled with such talent..but I always say I have the talent to appreciate other's talents! I'm almost done with your book too! Review coming soon! Have a good rest of this week!

  4. I am so happy to have discovered this world of blogging. : )

  5. You are right; it is like the front porches of our youth. I love the stories.

  6. Yes! I am finding the same. The analogy is perfect. Did your front porch have a swing?

  7. Thanks! The blogosphere is my neighborhood.


  8. That's the best part: the stories. Some I relate to, and some I don't, but I enjoy each and every one. And even though I am absent more often than not these days, I still consider myself part of this special community.

  9. This is exactly why I love blogging, I have met so many wonderful and talented bloggers (yourself included). Yours always makes me think because you truly see the beauty everywhere and that's always one of my favorite qualities about a person. I need to show my honey your blog, for she would love it since she sees beauty everywhere too!


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