Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hidden Jewels

One thing I've learned is there are hidden jewels all around us. Rarely do blinking neon signs point the way to them.
You often see them in unexpected places. The first time I went to New York while in the Army in 1971, I found one as I walked through the streets like a lost puppy.
It was an art show on the sidewalk. Well actually, it was art leaning on vacant buildings and hanging on a fence. As I approached, a young man said in broken English, "Would you like to buy one of my pictures?"
I'm not sure what I expected, but what I saw was pieces of work that could easily have been hanging from gallery walls. Some of them were simply stunning. I was broke and I had to ride back to the base on a bus so I didn't buy one of the paintings, but I have a feeling if that young man continued with his art, a painting bought then would have been worth something now. His work was hidden jewels.
I've also found hidden jewels in the form of people living in nursing homes, and other unexpected places.
You somehow form a mental image of the type of people you'll encounter, but then they will sing, play a guitar, tell a story, or do something unexpected and remarkable.
Hidden jewels come in many forms. I found one today.....let me explain.
The rain moved in before dawn this morning with rolling thunder and jabs of lightening. It tapered off after lunch and we ventured out to get a little exercise and let the dogs run.
Hiding in the grass not far from the path was a patch of tiny purple flowers. They would have been easy to miss, but I'm so glad I didn't.
They were hidden jewels.


  1. Yes I love hidden jewels. and they are found every where if you stop and take the time to see them.

  2. I like this LIFE lesson. Very good!

  3. That's what is amazing about keeping one's eyes open for the hidden jewels, it allows you to discover things like those tiny flowers and that artist in NYC.

  4. Yes- I love all those little hidden jewels, Rick. Sometimes they are gems that drop from someone's mouth when you least expect it. xo Diana

  5. I am always happy when I find a hidden jewel. Very nice post Rick! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I will be your newest follower.

  6. What a poetic encounter!

  7. Definitely a hidden jewel! Beautiful!

  8. Truly hidden purple jewels. I wonder what happened with the young man. there is a story there.


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