Friday, April 11, 2014

Wild Thing

I had a band in junior high. We had two amplifies, a drum kit, and our mics plugged into the amps. We
were loud, the music was sporadic, and primal. The few gigs we had were short and avant garde even though none of us could spell avant garde, much less know the meaning of the phrase. Our main asset was that we were enthusiastic.
I think it's fortunate that consumer recording devices were rare and as a result there is no record of our performances except for dusty crevices in long-forgotten places in my mind.
One song that I do remember playing was Wild Thing written by Chip Taylor and initially recorded by The Wild Ones. The song only raced up Billboard charts to #1 when recorded by the British group, The Troggs.
Wild Thing (we sang WILD THANG) was basically three power chords that you could play for days, or so it seemed.
At any rate, and don't ask me why or how, when I saw this wild honeysuckle today, I started humming the tune to Wild Thing.
The mind is a fertile and funny thing.
Wild Thing
You make my heart sing
You make every-thing
Wild Thing


  1. But don't you wish you would have had at least ONE 'TAPE' of ONE SONG!

    My neighbor up in NC, Jim Arp, had a band like that and went on to the Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame. You should have stuck with it. Got a bigger AMP.

    But I would have been satisfied if I could have corded some. Nothing like the sailor with a guitar on the weather decks in the evening strumming and the crowd yelling 'Do you know xxxcv?" That guy was the center of attraction while also making for an entertaining evening.
    Good read, Thanks.

  2. I remember the song well...and so many others that come to mind from time to time. It's funny how the mind will associate a song with an event often times or trigger a memory we may thought we had forgotten.

  3. I love those memories that you just enjoy. There is no Coulda Woulda Shoulda attached to them. It was a fine time. Wouldn't change a thing. And I am so glad that it is stored in my mind so that I can pull it out and look at it whenever I want. That is what your band experience sounds like to me... No regrets, just plain old fine when you were making the "music." As for thinking of Wild Thing when you came across the wild honeysuckle. I totally get it. It's gorgeous and untamed. And it makes my heart sing just a little bit looking at the picture.

  4. We had a group of guys in high school who played Wild Thang but their main song was Louie, Loui. They played at our 40 year class reunion and it was hysterical. But your picture really does make my heart sing with joy.

  5. Oh, how I love that song. Willy Dunne Wooters likes my Rick and Jilda CD.


  6. Oh Yeah- A song from my era! Love it. What fun you must have had-you were a musician way back when! xo Diana

  7. Now I have that song in my head Rick :) I like when things like that happen :)

  8. Love the picture, AND the song!

  9. Thanks all for your kind words


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