Thursday, January 22, 2015

A place to think

We hope to do more work on our creative space this spring. For new readers, the creative space is a hundred-year-old house built by the people we bought our place from. It's down by the barn on the back of our property.

At one point the old house was falling in. The tin roof, which is the color of lead, has damage caused by countless storms through the years. Holes big enough to toss a puppy through were patched with roofing tar and silent prayers.

A few years ago, we did some major restoration. We replaced the front porch, part of the roof, and put garden doors in the back. The house is now solid, but it can be a little drafty.

The  windows are cloudy, even on sunny days. When the angle of light is just right, you can see tiny bubbles in the old glass.

In winter, the wind out of the north makes the curtains dance, but I still can't bring myself to replace them with the newer energy efficient kind.  We won't be living down there, so on days when the weather is too hot or cold, we won't work down there.

This much I know for sure: in early spring when the days warm there is no better place to write. You can smell the earth coming alive. There are no phones, TVs, or radio. I often find inspiration in the stillness. It's a great place to discover, to create.


  1. There must be ways to insulate them a bit better, maybe even storm windows you can take down in the spring, but yeah, I wouldn't do anything to em either.

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Why "improve" on perfection?

  3. Yeah, I could imagine the sanctity of the place the other day when you and you dog were enjoying the porch. When I uese to stay with my GGrandpa in Toccoa,GA the wind came thru the walls, but the sound of rain on the roof paid for it all.
    What a wonderful treasure you have.

  4. It sounds just about perfect.

  5. It would be a lovely place to just enjoy a nice summer morning. I'll bet the birds and butterflies are visible from the windows. I would not get much work done for looking at the view.

  6. It seams to me that I've seen this picture more than once on your blog so it must have some special attraction for you. I hope that you can find some inspirations for your writing there when the temperature is just right.

    I was expecting some feedback from your survey of yesterday.

    Have a creative day.

  7. It sounds like the perfect place to be the idea of a place like this!

  8. Sounds like it is going to be a bloody awesome place to write and create

  9. Hello Rick, sounds like a writer's dream! I love the old country quaint spaces that are left in this loud and busy world! Blessings, Roxy


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