Thursday, January 08, 2015

Still chilly willy

We had to be at Jilda's medical appointment early this morning. I went out a few minutes early to crank the car so it would be warm on our drive into Birmingham. The ground crunched as if I were walking on a carpet of crackers.

A few birds pecked at the ice on the birdbath, but had no luck getting to water. We could have poured fresh water in, but at 9 degrees, it would have frozen solid before a bird could fly near it.

As I pulled out of the drive, I could see the moon, faded by daylight, sinking toward the western horizon.

It reminded me of the sky in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last autumn when we were vacationing there. On the first day, the air was crisp, and the sky was a new shade of blue. The sunset was beyond description.

Sometime during the night, clouds moved into Jackson Hole and we awoke to the sound of ice and snow ticking on the birch leaves outside our windows.  Later, my lovely spouse Jilda snapped the photo of me as we headed to lunch.

A few days ago I whined about bad weather here, but then I visited the blog of my friend Julia, who lives in Canada, and realized, after reading her post, that I was a wimp.

I'm off to the endodontist in the morning. You may remember a few weeks ago, just before Christmas when I was gloating about dodging a root canal........well, all I did was postpone the inevitable.

A few days ago as I was drinking a glass of ice cold tea, when a thread of exquisite pain danced on my brain like it was at a Grateful Dead concert.

I'll be paying the piper at 8 a.m. sharp

Y'all stay warm.


  1. Two things to say on this chilly morning:
    1. I am glad you guys still CRANK a car in Alabama.
    2. Root Canal! UGH Hoping you a fast trip down that canal..

    STay WARM!

  2. Root canal! Yikes; I've had several. No fun at all.

  3. The cold weather certainly complicates life. The thing is that it also can make it beautiful to look out the window at the glorious sights of winter. It is a trade-off.

  4. I have no problem staying warm since it is another bloody hot day in my part of the world

  5. Sometimes avoiding the inevitable merely extends your suffering...hopefully, this will be the end. The cold weather is actually relative in a's what you're used to in your own area. I'll never forget the December we were at Disney World with our children. We were all in shorts, having come from Chicago snowfalls and bitter cold winter weather. The people from Florida had on mittens...just depends on what your body is used to and can tolerate!

  6. You may be a wimp but you're still a handsome wimp. Jilda took a great photo.

    I hope that your painful tooth is feeling better by now.

  7. All the best for a not-too-painful dentist appointment!


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