Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feeling older

Facebook lit up today with birthday wishes before I rolled out of bed. I tried to respond, but it was a futile attempt. I am humbled an honored by all the well-wishers today.

Jilda and I both worked today. The local newspaper interviewed me about the upcoming AARP info session later in the month, and then I had some webinar training.  Later in the afternoon, I was on a conference call to discuss the seminar in California toward the end of the month.

I only had a few hours to complete my week at work, but I wound up spending much of the day in my new office. Jilda worked this afternoon too, but on the way home, I stopped by the local market and bought a couple ribeye steaks. When she got home, she fired those baby's up and we had a scrumptious dinner. We rarely eat steak, but tonight it was delightful.

This morning as I  left for work, I noticed small flex of ice ticking off my windshield.
Although I was less than 30 feet away, I called inside on my cellphone to tell Jilda the good news. She loves snow, so when I told her there were a few flakes, I heard her do a little snow-dance inside.

It never warmed up, and my bones decided to let me know just how old they were today. The joints in my knees felt as rusty as the old train pictured below.

But all in all, I've had a remarkable day. I feel blessed to share a birthday with Dr. Martin Luther King.

I hope you all have had a good day.


  1. Your title is misleading. You are not feeling older. You are feeling busy and content. That is not a bad way to feel.

  2. You can't be old already, you're younger than me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick...
    Fish oil capsules, even raisins will help your stiff knees but it will take a while to recondition them and ginger is good for arthritis also.

    Hope that you have a great day.

  3. Glad you had a very good day. I love old Locomotives.... WE are still cool down here in Florida, please close the door after all the celebrating... (BIG SMILE)

  4. Glad you had a great birthday! Steak sounds like a good way to celebrate it!

  5. Since I am your age, you are not old. You are simply catching your second wind.

  6. Well Dear Rick, Let those trains just keep rolling right on down the track! Cause you still,both have a lot of steam to keep going! Glad you had a cozy meal at home! Happy Birthday
    10/4 Good Buddy!!

  7. Happy Birthday, RIck. You're still a young puppy. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Rick!

  9. Happy Birthday Rick! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  10. Best birthday wishes to you, Rick!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Happy Birthday again, Rick! My husband would say, "This is your birthday month!" Enjoy!

  13. Hope you had a great day. I'm confused by the line, "but I wound up spending much of the day there." Where is there? (I'm easily confused, btw.)


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