Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New ride

We bought a new used car this week. This one is for Jilda. She still hasn't given up on Ingrid, her beloved Volvo, but we both reached a point to where it made sense for her to travel in a newer vehicle.

When considering what vehicle to buy, we did a great deal of research on fuel economy, comfort, features, and dependability. As it turns out, we got an excellent buy in a vehicle owned by our great niece and nephew who are about to move to London for 18 months.

We helped them and the deal provided me with some peace of mind.

In the past, we took a difference approach in making our car-buying decisions. The first car I bought just out of high school had a motor bigger than Rhode Island. As the car sat idling, it actually registered on seismic devices across the world, and fuel efficiency was measured in gallons per mile.
But it was as red as a firetruck and I kept that car waxed to a high gloss.

We drove around in the spring, summer and early fall with all four windows rolled down, because it looked better that way. And as a result, Jilda and I looked better too. Except after a few miles Jilda's waist-length blonde hair was a tangled mess but we didn't worry much about that back then because we were cool.

I'm hoping the new ride will give us as many miles and years of service as Ingrid.....I just wish it rumbled a little more when we crank it up.


  1. Sounds like you have fond memories of the old red car. All the best to Jilda with her new ride!

  2. Ah...you always remember your first!

  3. I believe you and Jilda will enjoy the new car. Heck, take the car out, roll the windows down and 'Do it again.' (well maybe in a couple months (smile))
    Nice tire collection inte pickup! (BIG SMILE)

  4. Many Friday nights were spent just "riding around". A car full of kids everywhere you looked. We might stop for a hamburger but otherwise we just rode. Those were the days.

  5. I remember my first car I bought and paid for myself. I was 19 when I bought it and loved that car. It lasted about 10yrs before the body wore out....the engine still purred though! I saw it around town for a few years after we sold it....hope your new one lasts forever!

  6. A new used car is the only type of cars we buy although it would be nice to one day buy a brand new car but doubt it will happen

  7. I love it when a car is a member of the family - well loved and missed when absent.

  8. We've bought two cars from this brash new century. One we gave to Daughter when she moved 2000 miles away. The other, we keep for trips and air-conditioning, but for any proper hauling I insisted we keep our '71 VW bus, which has only 60,000 miles on its 3rd engine. One has to draw the line somewhere...but I sure like heat and air conditioning.

  9. Exactly why I love classic cars. You just can't beat a V-8 as big as Rhode Island! We had a 55 Cadillac Sedan de Ville when I was a kid. When that car started the engine rumbled and at idle it sounded like a tank in the distance. We were lucky to have experienced those greats weren't we?

  10. Glad Jilha will have a more reliable ride...sounds like a good deal for you both! Interesting story about your truck...sounds like there are a load of great memories in that truck!


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