Sunday, January 04, 2015

Walking meditation

I've found myself stressing a little since I started my part-time job. I'm not a perfectionists, but I put a lot of emphasis on doing things as well as I can do them. And naturally, that causes a bit of stress.

Jilda spotted it before I realized it. She could tell by the way I held my coffee cup, and the way I looked into the distance through the front windows.

When she pointed it out, I knew she was on the mark. That was last week, and I began getting up a little early to meditate.

Part of what she does at her job is teach meditation so she had some really good ideas that paid dividends immediately.

One type of meditation that she taught me was a walking meditation. That's where you become mindful of every breath, every step, and every sensation. You also try to notice every sound, color, texture, and scent of the things you pass while you walk. 

I decided to try that during our walk today, and it was almost an out-of-body experience. The 30 slipped by almost without notice. 

As the walk was winding down, the color of moss on the gatepost was stunning. I slid the phone from my pocket and snapped the photo below.

When we got back to the house I felt relaxed.....almost taller.  I can tell you, I will do more walking meditations.


  1. I meditate when I walk, and forget where I was going. I must be doing something wrong, I like your results.

    1. Hi Joeh. Walking meditation not only help us be mindful all day while also increase our wisdom. Recently, I met a guru who practice for over 30years, he is Venerable Vimokkha and did share his teaching in MP3 files in my blog. Feel free download this free meditation teaching in MP3 at:

  2. Nice, really nice. I love the photo and the serenity. I think that is a wonderful way to meditate. I may try it too, when it warms a bit. Just can't do the cold, really can't. My release is to get lost at my easel in my painting.

  3. Walking meditation seems like a magic fix for stress. It's a bit cold and windy for a walking meditation here today but I can see how it would help.
    Stay cool big guy.

  4. Jilda is inspirational. This is how life should be lived.
    This is why we have our senses, to be able to breath in life
    in all its forms. Glad you are taking the time to experience it.

  5. Sounds like something I should try.

  6. That is an awesome idea! Glad it worked for you. That's what I do at the beach!!

  7. Insight by a spouse is wonderful. Even better wen they have the correct answers. Good read!

  8. I don't know about actively meditation but getting out there and walking always helps to open my eyes to the little things. And I always feel better afterward. Nature itself has a way of doing that. Being part of it, through seeing makes a huge difference. I'm glad it works for you.

  9. I didn't realize it but I have been teaching children to do a type of meditation when walking with them. Colors, smells, sounds, and feel (sometimes a careful taste) make one aware of the things around you instead of blindly rushing from place to place. Leaving cares for another time is just a happy by-product.

  10. That's what I'm looking forward to the most after my knees are healed...walking daily. I used to do a ton of planning and thinking on my walks. I feel like I'm relearning how to walk again. I started on the cane today and I hope the walker will be returned to my good buddy Donna! Your photo is awesome!

  11. Yes I love to walk in a peaceful surrounding and just chill

  12. Walking mindfulness is also very good for finding writing inspiration too.

    Ms Soup

  13. That sounds wonderful! I have to try it!


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